Guess Who's Doing It in Milwaukee: Mr. Jennings Taking Bucks By Storm

MR. MARKCorrespondent INovember 2, 2009

While all the attention in Wisconsin was focused on Brett Farve, Brandon Jennings has quietly amassed a sensational start to his rookie season.

The NBA's newest bad boy, problem child, and the so called "next big bust", has been the most impressive rookie thus far.

The Bucks have only played two games this season, but Jennings has put up 20.5 PPG, 5.5 RPG, and 6 APG. In each of those two games, Jennings has started and has been the leading scorer for Milwaukee.

What's been most impressive about Jennings has been his genuine ability to run the Bucks offense.

When Jennnings isn't scoring, he has constantly found ways to distribute the ball to the rest of his team. 

Jennings has especially shown great chemistry with Hakim Warrick, who's numbers should explode this season as well. Michael Redd has also benefitted by finding a surplus of open shots, and has looked great rebounding from his season ending injury from a year ago.

Whatever that doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and Brandon Jennings is living proof of that truth.

While the likes of Blake Griffin, Hasheem Thabeet, Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan, and Ty Lawson were enjoying their college spoils, Brandon Jennings was left scratching and struggling just to find some time on court.

His tenure in Europe all seemed like one big mistake. His draft stocks were falling while his reputation as an over-hyped, bust prone player was growing by the minute.

Jennings even admitted on multiple occasions that his time with Lottomatica Roma was nothing short of frustrating.  

However, all that suffering Jennings' endured in Europe is one of the biggest reasons why his rookie campaign has looked so great thus far.  

Jennings' experience with Roma has forged a tremendous amount of mental toughness within him, something that many rookies are only just now beginning to face. Rather than being pampered and spoiled in college, Jenning's path through adversity is finally paying off.

We all know about Jenning's natural scoring abilities and impressive speed/quickness, but he now has the inner fortitude that is so desperately needed by young point guards.   

If a little extra confidence shows up in cocky comments that Jennings' is already known for, then so be it.

Brandon Jennings knocked on Ricky Rubio, and he's backed the talk with the walk. While Rubio ran away back to Europe, Jennings is doing everything he can to shine on the biggest stage.

It is this mental toughness that won Brandon Jennings the starting job over veteran Luke Ridnour, something that Ridnour better get used to for the remainder of the season.

With Blake Griffin missing almost a quarter of the season, do not be surprised at all if Brandon Jennings wins the Rookie of the Year.

If Jennings does indeed take Rookie of the Year honors, his path to the NBA will no doubt be considered as one of the most memorable and famed of all time.