Detroit Lions: More Confused Than Dissappointed?

alfred haflichCorrespondent INovember 3, 2009

DETROIT - SEPTEMBER 20:  Wide receiver Dennis Northcutt #86 of the Detroit Lions can't hold onto a pass attempt against the Minnesota Vikings at Ford Field on September 20, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan. The Vikings won 27-13.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Is this the best we can get from the revamped Detroit Lions?

I haven't seen anything different from last year other than a couple new faces and a whole lot of talk from the new coach.  I'm no coach, and would never pretend to be, but something's gotta give.

What good is a team that has one good receiver, one good quarterback, one good half-back, one o.k. tight-end? See a pattern developing?

What makes a good football team is a consistent talent both on defense and offense.  That means when one receiver is covered, you have other receivers you can count on.

Why the " new coaches" chose to go with these mediocre receivers is beyond me.  Bryant Johnson and  Dennis Northcutt have had their opportunity to prove themselves to this team, the fans, and the NFL.  You might say they have opted to drop the ball.

It is obvious to everyone that these guys are not consistent or talented when there are better options available. 

Have a look at the free agent list.  There are excellent receivers out there that could make a big impact on this roster, coach!  If there is a lack of talent on the Detroit Lions it falls on the coaching staff, mainly because half the roster was chosen by them!

Derrick Williams is talent misused.  From what we've seen of this young man, why aren't the Lions utilizing what's sorely needed? He's got speed, runs precise routes and he can catch and hold on to the ball.  Is special teams the only contribution that head coach Jim Schwartz sees in Williams?

You can't excpect Stafford to be able to mature and grow in experience when he is surrounded by wide receivers that can't catch. And I'm sorry, but what good is a star receiver if he's constantly on the sidelines watching? 

Wake up!   Your the head coach.  Act like one and make some decisions.  If the receivers can't make the play, drop them and sign someone that can.

It's that simple.