Phoenix Suns Get the Right Coach in Terry Porter

Brad S.Correspondent IJune 9, 2008

How do you know Terry Porter is the right guy for Phoenix? Think about the last team he coached, the Milwaukee Bucks. He actually got them to the playoffs and they haven't been back since.

Porter spent this last season with the Detroit Pistons, who made it to the Eastern Conference finals. He is a coach who knows how to connect with his players and will be an asset to the organization.

There are questions, though. Why did the Bucks fire him? Easy—they thought with the No. 1 overall pick they could draw in a bigger-name coach. But when their target, Flip Saunders, went elsewhere they had to settle on Terry Stotts.

How will he get along with Shaq? O'Neal hasn't played for such a reputable coach in a while. He has spent the last decade with names like Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. It will be tough to win Shaq over.

Will Porter change the system? This is doubtful because the type of system they run is perfect for Steve Nash.

Why weren't the Pistons interested? I think they viewed Curry as a future star as an NBA coach.

It will be entertaining to see how he handles the team next year.