Houston QB Case Keenum For C-USA MVP But Not Heisman

MetropolitansCorrespondent INovember 4, 2009

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 09:  The Heisman Trophy was presented to Troy Smith of Ohio State University on December 9, 2006 in New York City.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
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Case Keenum is shaping up to be the Graham Harrell or the Colt Brennan of seasons past. 

Keenum's inflated stats are the product of being a system QB in a less than mediocre conference in the C-USA.  Based on Keenum's resume to this point I would say 3,293 yards, 25 TD's, and 5 Interceptions is far fewer than what the other Heisman QB candidates would be doing with that schedule.

First look at Keenum's schedule:

(Opponent; Record; Points per game allowed this season by the opponent; Opponents total points allowed this season)


Northwestern St; 0-8; 35 PPG, 327 PA
Oklahoma St; 6-2 (41-14 loss to Texas at home); 23 PPG, 181 PA
Texas Tech; 6-3 (Only decent win was against Nebraska); 23 PPG, 211 PA
UTEP; 3-5 (Losses to Buffalo, Memphis, UAB, and Texas 64-7), 34 PPG, 217 PA
Mississippi St; 4-5 (Wins against Jackson St, Vanderbilt, Middle Tennesse St, Kentucky); 25 PPG; 221 PA
Tulane; 2-6 (Wins against McNeese St, Army 17-16); 37 PPG, 271 PA
Southern Methodist; 4-4 (Lost to Washington St); 30 PPG; 235 PA
Southern Miss; 5-4; 24 PPG; 215 PA

Tulsa; 4-4 (Beat Tulane, New Mexico, Sam Houston St, Rice); 17 PPG; 164 PA
UCF; 5-3 (Beat Samford, Buffalo, Memphis, Rice, Marshall); 19 PPG; 154 PA
Memphis; 2-6 (Beat Tenessee-Martin and UTEP); 30 PPG; 243 PA
Rice; 0-8; 45 PPG; 364 PA

Not only does Keenum throw 50-70 passes a game for a total of 398 Attempts this year but he is padding his stats against cupcake competition.  Not only look at the teams he is playing but how those teams are fairing themselves.

To put something in perspective to show how deceiving Keenum's stats are.  Let's break down his numbers per pass attempt against other Heisman candidates:


Candidate - Att/TD - ATT/INT - YDS/ATT - QB Rating


Clausen - 14.3 - 128.5 - 9.02 - 164.24
Tebow - 15.3 - 38.3 - 8.65 - 153.68
Keenum - 15.9 - 79.6 - 8.27 - 159.33


Clausen clearly dominates Keenum when you take into consideration the inflation of Keenum's stats due to him being a system QB.  Also factor in for Clausen his four 4th quarter come from behind victories.  Tebow who's numbers are not startling in and of themselves but when they are broken down are equal to that of Keenum's.


One last stat to look at when considering the Heisman.  How poor the defenses are in the C-USA compared to other conferences  Take a look:


Conference - Conference's average teams points allowed by their defenses


C-USA - 234
WAC - 225
MWC - 201
ACC - 192
Pac 10 - 189
Big 10  - 174
SEC - 168
Big 12 - 165
Big East  - 164


So congratulations to Case Keenum on route to become the all time leading passer.  Your legacy will be remembered with no Heisman award, no BCS game, and a name forgotten in college football history until Alez Trebek uses you for trivia.