Urban Meyer Tries to Sweep Brandon Spikes Gouging Under the Rug

Tim KellyContributor INovember 4, 2009

"That's not who he is. I love Brandon Spikes. We're going to move on."—Urban Meyer

If by "move on" Meyer means that they're going to try to make it seem like this never happened by having Spikes play this weekend, then yes, Florida is moving on. 

And that may not be who Spikes is right now, but it's who he was after a 2nd-and-goal stop of Georgia's Washaun Ealey. Spikes put that player's career at risk, but let bygones be bygones, right?

Hell no.

Each time I look at the replay, it becomes more and more obvious how atrocious the act really was. People argue that it's a part of football, that you can't control yourself once tempers get going.

Well, there's no place for it, not when a player's career is at stake.

The surprising thing is that Ealey has come to Spikes' defense:

"He shouldn't, I think, get suspended at all. We were just out there playing football.

"We probably do it, and other teams do too. It's all football. We're just out there trying to have fun."

So let me get this straight: Trying to forcibly and permanently blind your opponent is "fun?" I don't think he's seen the footage of the event or realizes the possibility of severe damage. He could have lost vision in one of his eyes.

It may not sound that serious to some of you. After all, you've got two of them, right? Well, how many professional athletes do you know that only have use of one eye? Turns out that depth perception is quite necessary in all sporting events. 

It's actually needed in most aspects of life. The only profession that features an abundance of one-eyed workers is high-seas pirating, which is a bit ironic considering the necessity of depth perception in accurately firing cannons.

After its swift and harsh punishment of running back LeGarrette Blount, Oregon seemingly paved the way for dealing with intolerable acts. Blount may even play this weekend, but it's because he earned his way back onto the field.

What did Spikes have to do to earn it? Did he just plain drop a "My bad, coach"?

Meyer has admitted that Spikes told him it was in retaliation. Apparently since it wasn't a planned attack, but rather an instinctive one, it'll only cost him the first half of the Vandy game. After all, we can't let them get close to the point spread, can we?

The fact that the NCAA hasn't said anything about the incident is ridiculous. Sure, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive is probably busy dealing with referee incompetence, but he might need to step in and at least say something.

He and Meyer talked on the phone, where Meyer probably took a page from Spikes: "My bad, Mike."

After all, the NCAA and SEC shouldn't be thrilled whatsoever. Everybody's talking about this and not the fact that media deity Tim Tebow broke Herschel Walker's SEC record for career rushing TDs.

That's like celebrating Christmas in Hell (not that I've been, but I get the feeling they don't observe the holiday).

Tebow got to hear praise for it in his post-game interview, but it's been all Gouge-Gate since then.

While everybody is coming to Spikes' defense, somebody has to stand up and demand action. His blatant disregard of the consequences of his actions could have ended a young man's career, and one half of football isn't enough time for him to think about it.


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