Mclaren and Honda and Their Agenda With Bernie

Craig RobertonContributor IJune 9, 2008

I read today on other website that Mclaren and Honda bosses had a meeting with Bernie over the weekend about the Concorde agreement. While they fully deny any discussion to do the current talk of a break away series or anything happening with the FIA, they would not talk about what was discussed.


Now while I am not into creating wild stories but just consider the question of customer cars being on the agenda again.


People may have missed the connection between Mclaren and Honda and this private meeting with Bernie.


Honda set up and then lost it’s customer team Super Aguri. Aguri ran out of money through a non-paying sponsor. Super Aguri was also facing trouble with some of the other teams over customer cars.


Mclaren was going to supply Prodrive, who had the final entry into last years Championship. It failed because the rules were unclear.


The meeting may have been simply to nail the lid on the matter, there’s no harm in checking.


Red bull was probably not there because current rumours are the sister team STR is for sale and would not be supplied by Red Bull and may not be in the championship next year If they are they will have build they own car. Whether this meeting was about customer cars or a break away series, one thing is clear the Concorde agreement is at a very dangerous period.