NY Yankees and 27 Championships: Perfect Together

AJ CusimanoCorrespondent INovember 5, 2009

First of all, let me congratulate the Philadelphia Phillies on a terrific season.  They are a tough and gritty team that certainly is a class organization, save for the words of Jimmy Rollins.  Rollins could not accept that the Yankees were the better team and said so after the game.

However, this is about the NY Yankees and their 27th World Championship, after winning their 40th American League pennant.  The 2009 edition of the NY Yankees harkened back memories of the teams of the late 90's.  It was made up of good pitching, solid defense, timely hitting and different players coming up big when it counted.

The night belonged to Hideki Matsui.  Going into his last at bat, he was hitting .727 for the Series.  He owned Pedro during this series.  Perhaps we can call Godzilla Pedro's real daddy, because he certainly spanked him for his bad behavior!  He was on every pitch that Pedro threw, and when he connected he hit it as sharply as anyone has during this post-season.

This was also about Andy Pettitte, one of the core 4 players who remain from the glory years during the 1990's.  Many pundits questioned his age and ability to come out on three days rest.  Andy proved them wrong with a gritty and solid performance.  He was not overpowering, did not have the sweeping curveball, but he did have what it was needed to win.

Andy brought experience, and the mindset of a winner.  The steely eyes pearing from behind that glove, knowing what he needed to do, and went out and held this pesky Phillies team at bay.

Then of course, there was A-Rod and Jeter.  A-Rod carried this team through the first two round of the playoffs, and his play continued in the World Series.  He seemed to come up with the big hit or big walk, as he did tonight before Matsui's homerun.

Derek Jeter was a constant.  Solid defense, key hits and just his overall leadership seemed to be the glue that kept this team together. Derek was relaxed and seemed much lighter in his overall mannerisms than he might have had in the past.  He really seemed to be enjoying this year and this team.

In the end, as always, there was Mariano Rivera.  Rivera will go down in history as the most dominant closer ever in post-season play.  Each and every player that has donned a Yankee uniform since the mid-nineties point to Rivera as the reason why they win championships.  Over time he has adapted his pitches and approach, but he proved his future Hall Of Fame status.

Many Yankee haters will criticize this team, such as members of the Philadelphia media.  This Yankee team led by Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, showed the heart and class of a champion.

What better way to cap off their season, than to win this in the new stadium, creating new ghosts and winning this for their owner.  The stadium rocked late into the night, and now it is time to get ready for the Canyon of Heroes.