Brett Favre: The Saga Continues

Kristin HamlinSenior Analyst INovember 5, 2009

My response to an article written by a friend of mine, who is a die hard Packer fan.  You will have to read his before mine to understand how it started.

A Brett Favre fan's rebuttal:

Well said, Ben.  I commend the class and dignity in this article.  You spoke your mind without stepping over any line or boundary and you had me intrigued the whole way through.

Allow me, if you will, to share my viewpoints on why I feel the boo’s that were represented on that field were completely and utterly uncalled for.

As a Packer fan, you claim that the Packers are part of your family.  You live and breathe them.  While I will concede that you guys are some of the most passionate fans I have ever seen, I won’t ever understand the fact that you claim they are like family to you.

What kind of family treats someone who dedicated 16 years to you the way you have?  What kind of family actually says, "But Brett kept wavering and we couldn’t stand his indecision and lack of commitment to the team and community.  We grew tired of the stupid interceptions, poor decisions in the playoff games, and growing ego of the past few years."

You grew tired of his stupid interceptions?  Did you grow tired of his stupid touchdown throws, too?  Did you decide to take a nap when he came within one game of taking your beloved team to the Super Bowl before retiring?

Glad I wasn’t born into this family.

Please, tell me what he did to show a lack of commitment in the community. 

Please, help me understand why all of a sudden you were tired of this growing ego, when it was something every one of you bragged about for years.

Please, explain to me why the interceptions and the play-off performances were now all Brett’s doing.  Not that I am making an excuse for his poor judgment calls in the pocket.  I know how he was careless at times, but it would never make me quit on someone that had given me the moments Brett had.

I couldn't quit on my family.

You all speak of Brett’s constant wavering on retiring and coming back.  Yes, we all know about that and I think it is safe to say everyone was a little tired of it.  It was pretty back and forth and had to be hard for you guys.  I am, in no way, taking that away from you.

Have you ever thought for a moment that the wavering came because he didn’t want to disappoint his fans, his team or himself? 

One-hundred percent is the only thing that man knew how to give and his body was telling him different.  What did you expect from a man that takes every loss so personally, every win so heartfelt and every game like it's do or die?

The last throw he made for Green Bay was an interception. 

Ever wonder if maybe, just maybe, he felt he let down all of you and that was his biggest fear come true?  Or were you guys too concerned about the fact he was the one that threw the pass that ruined a championship for you?

Wow, some loyal fans you are. 

And here’s something else to nibble at while you are donning the #12 jersey.

The guy that you used to root for, you know the one that has never missed a game, the one that led you to a Super Bowl victory, the one that even to this day describes you guys as the best fans he knows, wanted to play for you all along.

You were, and from where I see it probably even still, where he really wanted to be.  You were his home.  Had Brett forecast what may have happened by retiring and changing his mind, I can assure you this probably would have never happened.  Hindsight is always 20/20 though, isn’t it?

You can’t hold it against Brett Favre for still being the same Brett Favre you all once knew and loved. 

The love he has for the game, well it’s still there.  The competitiveness he has for the game, it’s still there. 

Vikings or Bears, he knew what he was doing.  He wants to win.  Selfish or not, that’s what he cares and always has cared about.  That is what you fell in love with.

He is still indecisive, that’s how he will always be.  Nothing has changed on who he is, yet everything has changed on where he is, and that is the difference you refuse to see.

If you actually think his heart is with the Vikings, well, you are either ignorant or naïve. His heart lies within football, which is why this story is still being told.  He has captured so many of us with his love for the game and the emotions he brings to each one of them, that though many complain about hearing about Brett over and over, some of us never tire from it.

Have fun booing Brett. 

Hope you have a lot of voice left in you, because from the looks of things, might be booing him all the way to his second Super Bowl championship.

As Brett Favre so eloquently put it, “But Packer fans cheer for the Packers first," he said. "I know that. But I hope that everyone in the stadium watching tonight said, 'I sure hate those jokers on the other side, but he does play the way he's always played.'”

He sure as hell does.