Chicago Blues: Time for the Bears to Focus on the Draft

Aaron PartridgeCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2007

Going into the 2007 season, there wasn't a single NFC team that had more promise than the Chicago Bears.

So much for that.

After coming up short against the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl, it's been all downhill for the Bears.

The biggest problems have been at quarterback, where Rex Grossman threw six interceptions against one touchdown in his first three games.


The Bears also hurt themselves by giving away Thomas Jones. Jones was the first Chicago running back to eclipse 1,000 yards rushing in back-to-back seasons since Walter Payton.

Cedric Benson has done absolutely nothing in Jones' stead, ranking 18th in the NFL in rushing—with more carries than most of the backs ahead of him.

Worse still, the tenacious Bears defense isn't getting any younger, and has been beset by injuries to most of its key players.

The stats speak for themselves:

The Bears D ranks 23rd in points allowed, 27th in total yards, 24th in passing yards, and 26th in rushing yards.

Not exactly the same unit from a year ago.

As for the current QB situation—when your starting signal caller goes by the name of Brian Griese, you know you're in trouble.

The Bears could have had Jeff Garcia instead of Griese. Think they regret that decision now?

In 2007, the Bears O is 20th in the league in points per game, 28th in yards per game, 20th in pass yards, and 26th in rush yards.

It's tough to win when your offense can't score and your defense can't stop anybody—which explains the Bears' 2-4 record, good for last in the NFC North.

My two cents: It's time for the Bears to start thinking about the 2008 NFL Draft.

There will be plenty of QBs on the board—Brian Brohm, Andre' Woodson, Matt Ryan, Colt Brennan, Chad Henne, Chase Daniels, Matt Flynn...the list goes on and on

Grossman obviously isn't the future in Chicago. To get back to the Super Bowl, the Bears need a new answer under center.

At least next year's draft class gives fans something to smile about.