The Top 50 Bleacher Report Wrestling Writers Of All Time

Patrick GreenCorrespondent INovember 11, 2009

  Three years ago 2005, Bleacher Report began for writers with sports knowledge. They wrote quality of quanitive or the opposite. Bleacher Report was created by Zander Freud, and his friends. They created a writing site for each sports football, baseball, basketball, etc.

  Today we are focusing not on a sport but sport-entertainment. Pro Wrestling 1403 people have joined the Bleacher Report Wrestling Community. Only 50 of them have risen of above the others, these writers have an amazing skill for writing. Today we acknowlege those. From fifty to one.

50. Micah Chen- Starting the list is a young man who has an incredible writing talent for his age. Micah has written artricles on football, baseball, and what this category is Wrestling. He has written articles that got over 1,000 reads. Today he has chose to take a tenative break from writing, hopefully he well return as soon as possible!

49. RKO Number One Fan Marina Mitz- This young lady, is an impressive writer on B/R. Her style is unique and deserves two thumbs up. Her character is really diffrent from other people which is very cool. She has written 25 articles, and I can't wait for another one.

48. Jeff D. Gordman- Jeff is B/R greatest editor, fixing articles like no other. Jeff can edit alright, and he can also write. Jeff gains most of his wrestling knowledge from his commentating career. He has been working for several promotions, his greatest accomplishment was commentating for ROH.

47. Miss Annie- The Biggest Randy Orton Fan I know, has developed a deft talent at writing. She at one point was ranked number one for Randy Orton writers. Her obsession with the man has turned in to some fabulous articles. We can't wait for the return of Miss Annie, after taking a three week break.

46. Dozer- Dozer I hardly new, in fact never had communication's with the man. After reading a few articles written by him, I knew that he was good. Dozer does not write on B/R any more but when he did he was considered great.

45. Ben Sampson- The first ever member of The Canadian Kid Fan Club, was this man Ben Sampson. Ben wrote wrestling articles, his main focus was indie wrestlers. Ben has made a name for himself here on Bleacher Report but sadly his time here ran out.

44. Jerimiah Graves- The newest member to the B/R wrestling world. Jerimiah has had three consecutive articles posted on the CL Box. Jerimiah has already reached the accomplishment of being in the top five wrestling writers, his current position, number three.

43. Frank- Frank, has captivated readers with his PWI articles on Top blank. Frank is a good writer, and always enjoys a good slideshow!

42. Fred Richani- Fred a very active member on B/R, writes a variety of diffrent sports. Fred has set aside some time for one of those subjects to be Wrestling. His few wrestling articles, have been on the CL Box. Wait to go Fred!

41. Juan- the creater of Maniac vs. Maniac, is also a hell of a writer. Juan is a die heart D Genertaion-X fan, and is always changing his profile picture into something cool. Juan is a nice guy and has an incredible ability to write.

40. Heel Mark- This man is cocky, ignorant whatever you would like to call him but alas is an amazing writer. Heel has written three articles in my opinion which should have been article of day. His titles are unique, and simply interacts with the readers. Heel is defintly a good writer.

39. Dub Sizzle- Funny this man is, and also a good writer. Dub hasn't written here in a while but in his time here he was a magnifecent writer. Dub still spends a good amount of time here leaving humorous comments and more.

38. Chris Mueller- Any man who reaches the point of being number one in the wrestling for B/R deserves a spot here. Chris is an intresting man with good qualitys. Chris is a good writer, even when he writes three a day.

37. TJ Duncan- The extreme Sting fan has left his mark here on B/R. TJ currently a scribe has written many good pieces. He found an intrest to write one of the well known series here Creature vs. Creature.

36. Hurricane Hubbard- Always impressing me and the B/R Wrestling community with his articles. Hurricane is determined to make it to the top of Bleacher Report, and that determination has led to great pieces.

35. Ryan Michael- Ryan has intrest for many sports including Pro Wrestling. For the few Wrestling articles he has written they have turned into something great.

34. C.C (Cory Colgan)- This man has written seven articles that have intrested us all. A mixture between TNA and WWE articles, C.C did an awesome job. Cory has been on this site when it first started.

33. Ronnie Bryce- Ronnie holds a record here in the Bleacher Report Wrestling community, that record is having his article most viewed or read. Over 42,000 people read the article. Ronnie is also a great writer as well with sixteen articles written.

32. Rob- Rob is a talented writer who doesn't come around that often. Rob can defintly agree with Quality over Quanity. Rob recently wrote an article (Slideshow) that blew minds off, and reached over ten POTD.

31. Captain Charisma- Captain has recently returned to B/R, Captain has been winning B/R readers by his excellent tales of Christian. The Biggest Peep on B/R, sadly going to have to admit bigger than me.

30. Kendrick Davis- Kendrick a fellow fantasy football player and a wrestling fan. Kendrick writes when she wants before every Wrestling Pay Per Views. Her countdowns midcarders and main eventers are defintly POTD worthy.

29. Gilligan- 1/3 of Gilligan articles have been an article of day. That takes writing talent. Gilligan is a huge WWE fan, and believes no matter what that it is real. Gilligan is a very talented writer and we hope he gets back writing ASAP!

28. George Peterson- The featured Columnist, is a follower of almost every sport. George has written a tiny portion of his articles on wrestling. In my opinion those few have been very succesful.

27. Andrea Claire- Andrea is the biggest, biggest Edge fan on Bleacher Report. She is an excellent writer, but for some reason has erased all of them. Andrea has won the competetion for the greatest superstar that was hosted by Joe Burgett. Hey maybe she should team up with Captain Charisma.

26. Mr. Taylor- Mr. Taylor, Elisa Taylor, E.T or Mr. t whatever you call her. Elisa is a gifted writer, with an incredible talent. When Elisa writes you know you have to read it. She has written fifteen articles of pure astonishment.

25. Mina- She is a huge competition for Juan considering both of these two are madly obsessed with Shawn Micahels. Mina is a great writer, and is very popular here on B/R. Most of here articles are about the HBK Shawn Michaels, and they are one of a kind articles.

24. Dan Telek- His creative writing is what got him so far in this community. I hardly new Dan, for he was around for the first couple of weeks I began. Dan is now a member of and we really miss him.

23. Adrian Stahele- This man has improved throughout his writng career, for once he could ony dream of reaching the top but now he has finally reached it. As he got wiser he began to write bigger and better from his previous articles such as " Stop Hating joe Burgett" or " Bleacher Report Wrestling Community I am calling you out."

22. Kevin Williams- As I entered this site Kevin really impressed me. Kevin had good explanations on his comments, and was a very talented writer. Kevin has not been on B/R for quite some time, and we can't wait for a return article.

21. Justin Thomas- Justin is a very good writer. Justin is a huge Hardy fan, and is a very intresting charcter. Justin has written eleven articles, and I have to say I have enjoyed every one of them.

20. Celeste Winchester- When the new improved rankings came out about six or seven months ago, Celeste was ranked number one. Celeste was known for the famous B/R Series of B/R Turns... Celeste is a great writer, and we hope Celeste will one day be back and begin writing yet again.

19. Scott Beddy- Scott was a man I looked up to when I started out here on Bleacher Report. He is such a great writer and is creavtive. Scott will always be rembered for his spotlight the indies articles and plenty more.

18. Jev- Jev has 2 articles of day in his writing career. This man is an amazing writer, and has held a competition A WWE Prediction league, that each time got big reads due to his pouplarity, and great writing skills.

17. Ron Johnson- If I am not mistaken Ron Johnson was the first ever man to join the Pro Wrestling Community. Ron has posted amazing pieces football, wrestling, basketball etc. Ron has had a huge intrest for sports, and writing so this site makes perfect sense for him.

16. Steve- This man was loved by the B/R community and it was a shame to see him leave. Steve was so good at writing, it is his true calling. Steve has made may friends on his journey, and has made many great articles.

15. Svyato Rovenchuk- When I think of this man I think of Chris Jericho (LOL). Anyway Svyato is an amazing writer for the B/R wrestling community. Svyato has written over 100 articles, and I have to say I was impressed by each and every one of them.

14. Joe Burgett- Love him or hate him, there is no question about it that Joe is a great writer. Joe has a huge amount of passion for this site which makes hims sich a great writer. Joe has been ranked number one in this community several times. And if I am not mistaken, holds the record for most wrestling articles written.

13. Ross Rutherford- This young man is an excellent writer and we appauled him for that. Ross is currently been absent from this site due to school work, well can't wait to see you in the summer.

12. Matthew Hester- Most of the people who write too many articles in a short period of time, don't come out so good but this man could write five articles a day and still ecah and everyone of his article be POTD worthy. Matthew is such a nice guy and writer, and we can not wait for his site Ring Rap to improve. Good Luck Matt!

11. Daris Brown- Daris is a great writer here on B/R, and has his a radio talk show on Daris brought back to Bleacher the 70's wrestlers and defintly deserves this spot.

10. Adam Testa- Adam has written twenty five articles here on Bleacher Report, and each and everyone of them have turned out to be succesful. Adam has two Article of The Day, and defintly deserves it. Adam is now writting for TWD, and is as excellent there as he was here.

9. Kevin Canny- Despite the fights that we have had in our past, I can not deny that he is an incredible writer. I enjoy his articles, and his awesome pics on his profile page. Kevin has made B/R one step greater.

8. AKD- This man has a born talent, and that talent is to write. AKD has given us some of the greatest articles ever published here on B/R and I very much respect him for that. AKD has written very diffrent articles from others, he writes his in such an incredible way.

7. Ray Bougz- This man ain't a huge fan of me either, but honestly I know that he is a 100 time better then I am. Ray is an expert at writing, and an amazing writer. He speaks his mind, and tells the truth, even if the truth hurts.

6. Hayley Graham- Hayley is a king good hearted person. She has took writing to the next level, and improves each and every time she published a piece. Before I move on to the next person, keep Hayley in your minds in prayer as she has had a tradgic incident.

5. DJ Rallo- This man brings in big reads, and good rewiews. DJ has written three articles of the day, and each of the other 127 articles have been POTD worthy. DJ is a great writer.

4. Shane Howard- This man is the Community Leader, and in no doubt the best writer today for Bleacher Report. Shane can make anything funny, and anything intresting with his excellnet articles. Shane covers breaking new most of the time, and can format the information to good writing which is very tough to do.

3. Sulyman- When I think of this person one word pops up in to my head " POTD." Sulyman has never written a bad article, and has set the bar above the standard. Sulyman has written Quality in every aricle he writes.

2. JLB- The former Community Leader, was not only a leader, but a writer. JLB was an excellent writer, and gave good advice. He now is the creator of the most famous wrestling writing website on the web

1. Adam Wright- The best writer this site has ever had was Adam Wright. The man was around the site when only a few writers were on the B/R Wrestling Community, and still managed to get 1,000 plus reads on each of the articles he wrote. Adam was respected by everyone here on B/R even Zander Freud.

 Thank you for reading with me today I really enjoyed writing this. Bleacher Report wouldn't have been the same without these guys. You guys are all awesome thanks for spending parts of your lifes here on Bleacher Report, it means alot to me.


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