Simpson Guilty: Attempted Murder Of Romo's Relationship With Jessica

Darren HeitnerSenior Analyst IJune 10, 2008

When we are in need of some news, the first place we go? Obviously, Actually, I had never heard of the site until I received an interesting tip involving what has to be your favorite athlete and favorite entertainer: Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. Seems like the two lovebirds took a break back in May because of Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson. It wasn’t his bad table manners nor his fetish for white pants (both are entirely made up…or are they?), but instead, it was Joe Simpson’s wish to have Romo drop his current agent (Ken Kremer of CAA) in favor of Mr. Simpson himself. Why would Romo drop Kremer for this creep-o? Joe Simpson was already preparing to negotiate a deal with tv production companies to cover Tony and Jessica’s engagement and wedding…just the type of guy I want in a negotiation with Jerry Jones.

I was tormented when Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson broke up; they were perfect for each other. Both were hot (I am showing confidence in my heterosexuality…I can admit that Nick’s got looks), playful, and dumb as rocks. MTV brought out the best in them. Joe Simpson apparently was involved in their permanent break-up as well. I am glad to see that Tony would not let Joe get the last laugh in his attempt to dismantle Jessica’s latest relationship. Tony, you definitely don’t want a guy who says, “And in this business, where people can quickly turn on you, who better than a parent to be working for his children?” Joe must have never read this post by contributor, Paul Schackman: Family Acting as Agents: It’s just not right!