What Could Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce Be Talking About?

Bob DuffContributor IJune 11, 2008

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant talking in the fourth quarter of game three. Hopefully, the readers will remember when this happened but it took a lot of time and should have been a delay of game. This made me wonder what the hell could Kobe and Pierce be talking about? Here are some ideas I thought.

1.Kobe: how's your knee doing?

2.Pierce: In order to shoot a free throw, you have to actually shoot the basketball and it will go in the hoop.

Kobe: Well, you had a lot of practice in game two.

3. Kobe: Why aren't you scoring?

Pierce: It's not my day. At least I don't have to score a lot for my team to win.

Kobe: Yeah, it's true. I have to do all the scoring.

4. Pierce: I don't know I would rather be stabbed than rape somebody. Being stabbed and almost dying is more bad ass.

5. Kobe: You know what's funny before this season started we both wanted to get out of our cities that we have been in forever and now we are wasting time in the NBA Finals. I am being compared to MJ and you are being compared to Willis Reed.

6.Pierce: Kansas went all the way to the NCAA Tournament. What's your Alma-mater? Oh right, you didn't go to college.

7. Kobe: How's your NBA championship ring? oh right, this is your first Finals. We should take a picture of us right now for souvenir sake.

8.*Pierce falls*

Kobe: Oh do I need to call for a wheelchair.

Pierce: No, but I wouldn't mind a diamond ring.

That's my list of possible things they talked about, what do you think they also might of have talked about?