Z Gorres Fights for His Life

Carlo Miguel NarbonetaContributor INovember 14, 2009

The Philippines is a country proud of its boxing heritage. The country has produced world champions since the early 1900s, with Elorde, Villa, Penalosa, Espinosa, and Pacquiao to name a few.

To become a champion, you have to start from zero.

You can’t fight at a top level on your first few fights. You have to begin from the grass roots to build the foundation for the future.

This is where ALA Boxing comes in. ALA boxing is in Cebu City, an island of the Philippines south of Manila. The group has many fighters in its stable, from beginners to veteran fighters on the development stages of their careers.

From all the boxers in its stable there were three that stood out: Rey Bautista, AJ Banal and Z Gorres.

Of the three aforementioned fighters, in my opinion, Z Gorres is the one who stands out.

Bautista and Banal fight with power, charging forward using the brute strength of their punches to take out opponents.

Z Gorres fights with finesse and strategy. He is a clinical fighter and tactician in other words. He’s got some good footwork and decent speed. He fights using his brain and adapts to the style of his opponent.

He is called “The Dream,” for many people think that his time will come to be included in the list of world champions from the Philippines.

While the country is very excited to see Manny Pacquiao fight Miguel Cotto, Z Gorres fought behind the shadows on the eve of the year’s super fight.

Gorres faced Luis Melendez of Colombia and won via unanimous decision in a 10-round 118lb contest. Gorres was in control the whole fight and on the verge of an easy win until Melendez landed a flush punch that sent Gorres down to the canvass with 10 seconds left in the fight.

He survived the shocker. But instead of celebrating, the ring was blanketed with fear.

On a sudden twist of fate, after the verdict was announced and photographers were about to finish taking pictures, Gorres collapsed in the corner and was taken out on a stretcher.

According to boxingscene.com and philboxing.com, Gorres suffered a subdural hematoma and had to undergo emergency surgery to relieve the swelling of the brain.

Gorres was placed in a medically induced coma and is scheduled to have further tests over the weekend.

Z has done his part to bring pride and honor to his country. He has served his country well.

My prayers are with Z and his family for his immediate recovery.