Turning Point: Bleacher Report Prediction League

Callum GrahamCorrespondent INovember 14, 2009

"I'm back, and so's Hogan?" It's been a while hasn't it class, hope your all doing well. Little reminder, Joe Burgett is still completly owning the league, the club of 100 and over has now reached 16 and we've now got 2 pay per views in a couple of weeks.

For those yet to see the latest results article, here's the link:


O.K. next up, the matches!

1) Bobby Lashley v Scott Steiner....... 2 Points

2) The British Invasion v Motor City Machine Guns v Beer Money Inc.......... Winner 2 Points....... Loser 1 Point (Both +1, total 4)

3) Kurt Angle v Desmond Wolfe....... 2 Points

4) A.J. Styles v Daniels v Samoa Joe........ Winner 3 Points...... Loser 2 Points (Both +1 = total 6)

5) ODB, Taylor Wilde and Sarita v The Beautiful People...........2 Points

6) Awesome Kong v Tara........... 1 Point

7) Team 3D + Rhino v Matt Morgan, Hernandez + The Pope......... 1 Point

8) Amazing Red v Homicide............ 1 Point

And the bonus questions

Bonus 1) Who will be the first person to be interviewed? (Person)........... 3 Points

Bonus 2) In match 1, which team will do the first "double team" move of the match? (British Invasion/ Motor City/ Beer Money)....... 2 Points

Bonus 3) Will any of the matches end by submission? (Yes/No)............. 1 Point

The Upset Award

Matches 2 and 4 are ineligable (speak up if I spelt that wrong) from getting the upset award. Apart from that, the match with the least number of correct predictions will receive 3 points for those who did get it right. Wow that was explained poorly, most of you should know what I'm on about by now though.

Maximum Points = 28

If the following fail to predict there getting chucked: Danny Starry, NBTT, Emily Breunig and Peter Salmon. Great last name.


Copy and paste this y'all.


2) Winner)

2) Loser)


4) Winner)

4) Loser)





Bonus 1)

Bonus 2)

Bonus 3)


O.K guys, we're gonna be sick of each other by the end of next week, this is just one of 4 articles between now and then, luckily I have a few days off college so expect top quality stuff (if that's possible). Good luck, see you on Monday/ Tuesday Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday..... trust me it'll be one of them.