Bengals Offensive Line Vs Raiders D Line Preview

Doug FlutieAnalyst INovember 22, 2009

CINCINNATI - 2008:  Andrew Whitworth of the Cincinnati Bengals poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Getty Images)
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Raiders Defensive Line vs Bengals Offensive Line Line Match ups

Gregg Ellis LDE VS Dennis Roland RT

Assuming Greg Ellis plays coming off knee and shoulder surgeries, I expect him to have a big day rushing Carson against Dennis Roland. In week 2, Ellis exploited Kansas City Chief Right Tackle Ryan O'Callaghan for 2 sacks. Roland 6 9 325 and O'Callaghan at 6 7 330 lack elite athleticism and footwork and are very similar in pass protection. Ellis has linebacker quickness, and adequate pass rush moves. Expect 1-2 sacks and consistent pressure on 3rd down. 

Richard Seymour RDE VS. LT Andrew Whitworth

Seymour has been incredibly inconsistent with great performances against Marcus McNeil in week 1 and horrible performances in week 3 against Denver,when Ryan Clady mauled him all game. Luckily for Seymour, Cincinnati does not like to give Whitworth a lot of help in the form of tight ends because Roland sucks more so Seymour should be one on one all game long. Whitworth's most comparative matchup in terms of size and strength probably week 6 against Mario Williams 4-3 defense where he blanketed him all game. I see Whit (the technician) not giving up a sack and frustrating another pass rusher as he did with Haynesworth, Harrison and everyone else. Do not be surprised to see an unnecessary roughness by Seymour in this ballgame and 0 sacks. 

C Kyle Cook vs NG Gerard Warren

Kyle Cook Will have great success against Warren as he did with Casey Hampton, and Kelly Greg the last two weeks. I expect very little penetration as Warren lacks explosion pass rushing and Cook (39 reps) at 225 and his Rich Braham leadership diagnosing calls and blitzes at the line should do a great job. If Morrison wants to blitz Cook will easily diagnose, so I would advise the raiders to drop 7 at all times because Carson's hot routes will burn you all game.  Outcome Gerard Warren will get a yard up field allowing for a quality pocket for Carson most of the day. Hell be lucky to have 2 assisted tackles in the running game.

Tommy Kelly Vs Bobbie Williams/Nate Livings

Kelly the poster child for overpaying mediocre players and screwing up the free agent markets for the rest of the teams as Davis is a master at will struggle wherever he lines up. He will get bullied by Williams at 340 and will be lucky to go against Livings who serves as Evan Mathis current replacement. While Livings is a large man as well, he lacks the ability to move people in the same way as Bobbie. Outcome Tommy will look foolish any time he faces Bobby and should relish any time he lines up against Livings. I would say 2 solo tackles should be expected, probably because he gets pushed into the play.

Raiders defensive line will get 2 sacks and will also not fair well against the run giving up 80 yards to bernard scott and 40 to larry johnson. I think this is one way fans can analyze the game because it would take forever to analyze more then just one of the many battles to go on tomorrow.