Fresh Face As Champion The Irish Our Supermans Weakness

brandon crosswhiteContributor INovember 24, 2009

we all witness on Raw,lex luthor was born in the WWE.we have all been wanted Raw to push there younger talent and thats what we got we saw a series of macthes some very good and some very bad.but back to the topic his name is Shaemus and he loves to fight and end people Carrers.he reminds me of a younger finlay he was hungry to be world champion but look at him now he is a jobber.but sheamus is making irish eyes happy.he reaching the end of the rainbow to claim what is his WWE championship(the pot of gold)he destroyed Cena and he showed that good guys finish last.sheamus is the future if the WWE everybody thinks that he will lose at TLC and you might be right but i going with my Gut and say vince has waken up and its decide to push somebody that has never held the title thee fans will go crazy and its TLC Sheamus and Cena will have a table match is like the present vs the future


rember thewarrior his name is sheamus and he is our new wwe champion come TLC