NFL Week 12 Predictions

Lorraine PerlaContributor INovember 24, 2009

Now it's time for NFL Week 12 Predictions ! Week 12 of the NFL season is right around the corner and the three games scheduled for Thursday look to be a great addition to the Thanksgiving festivities. Sunday has several quality games as well. And Monday night could be the game of the year.

Let's have a brief look over NFL Week 12 Predictions and do express your views on these week 12 predictions:

Green Bay vs. Detroit: Packers 38, Detroit 21

The Packers defense is going to be suffering for the rest of the season with Aaron Kampman and Al Harris joining the IR list.

The Packers offense posted their best half of the year against the tough San Francisco defense last week putting up over 360 first half yards.

Because of injuries acquired during one of the last plays of their win against Cleveland, Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson are listed as questionable.

Carolina vs. Jets: Carolina 28, Jets 7

The Carolina Panthers have been putting up pretty good numbers on offense but their defense can not seem to stop the opposing offense. Since last few weeks, the Jets have been have troubled on offense and their defense can not stop the attack.

Oakland vs. Dallas: Dallas 17, Oakland 10

The Dallas Cowboys have been having trouble putting points on the board the last few weeks. In their last two games, the Cowboys have been unable to get their offensive game going, only scoring 14 points. All 14 points came in the last minutes of the game.

New York Giants vs. Denver: New York 28, Denver 14

The bumbling Giants just ended their four-game losing streak defeating the Falcons in overtime. The Giants defense has been holding strong and healthy.

The Broncos are currently in a four-game losing streak and they are not looking good on the offensive side of the ball. In the last four weeks, they have been averaging less than 10 points per game.

Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta: Atlanta 38, Tampa Bay 14

Tampa Bay has won only one game this year and they are not going to stop one of the top offenses in the league.

Against the Falcons defense, the Buccaneers do not have any large offensive playmakers to do anything. The Falcons may have trouble this week if Michael Turner is not back again to take the pressure off of Matt Ryan.

Miami vs. Buffalo: Miami 21, Buffalo 17

After losing Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams had no trouble picking up the ball and carrying it for over a 100 yards.

Buffalo, on the other hand, has not appeared to be doing much on either side of the ball.

Washington vs. Philadelphia: Philadelphia 40, Washington 24

Washington almost pulled off an upset against the Cowboys last week. The Redskins offense has not been effective and it does not seem like they will be productive until Clinton Portis gets back.

Philadelphia on the other hand has been averaging over 20 points per game. However, their defense has been suffering and has allowed big numbers this season.

Seattle vs. St. Louis: Seattle 14, St. Louis 10

Seattle has no offense and a defense that is missing its two star players. St. Louis will be missing Marc Bulger for 3-6 weeks and do not have a steady defense.

Cleveland vs. Cincinnati: Cincinnati 35, Cleveland 17

In spite of putting over 30 points on the board, Cleveland just lost to Detroit.

Indianapolis vs. Houston: Houston 31, Colts 28

The Colts remain undefeated after 10 weeks. The running game has been active and the passing game has been putting up huge numbers. Houston has also been putting up huge numbers through the air.

Kansas City vs. San Diego: San Diego 35, Kansas City 14

Kansas City pulled off an amazing victory over Pittsburgh this week. With the addition of Chris Chambers, Matt Cassel has multiple weapons at wide outs. Last week, San Diego is on a five-game winning streak after killing the Broncos.

Jacksonville vs. San Francisco: San Francisco 28, Jacksonville 17

Jacksonville has not been productive this year. Jones-Drew has not been as productive as they hoped.

Chicago vs. Minnesota: Vikings 35, Bears 23

Chicago has only won one game in the last six games. Minnesota has been going strong since week one. The Vikings defense has been dominant.

Arizona vs. Tennessee: Tennessee 28, Arizona 21

This year, Arizona's passing game has been great. Tennessee seems to have figured things out after switching to Vince Young.

Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore: Pittsburgh 17, Baltimore 14

Pittsburgh is coming off a devastating loss to Kansas City. Joe Flacco is listed as probable and will most likely to play on Sunday.

New England vs. New Orleans: New England 35, New Orleans 31

This game is the game of the week. The 7-3 Patriots take on the 10-0 Saints. Both teams have a great defense and excellent passing attacks paired with mediocre rushing attacks.


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