Randy Orton and The WWE Title Picture Before Wrestlemania

Patrick SchoemehlContributor INovember 24, 2009

Hi, I am here today to talk about the Randy Orton and the World Title picture and what they should do before Wrestlemania. I am a very big Randy Orton fan and i have to say that i think that WWE really messed up with the Randy Orton can never face John Cena for the title again.

About a month and a half ago Randy Orton faced John Cena (c) in a 60 minute Anything Goes Iron Man Match and this was to end there rivalry once and for all.  If Cena lost he Be removed from the Raw roster and i Randy Orton lost (as he did :() then he would never get a World Title match against Cena as long as he was Champion. This was a very bad idea and i really think that WWE never should have done this!

Now that Sheamus is the New #1 contender for John Cena's WWE Championship at TLC we will see a match that the outcome is so easy to predict. Does anyone really think that Sheamus will become Champion? Really, Really No there is NO CHANCE IN HELL THAT SHEAMUS WILL BEAT CENA AND GET THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!

So that puts us to the next PPV Royal Rumble where Cena would be defending his title against (who knows) but Randy Orton could enter into the Royal Rumble ( witch he won last year) i guess if he were to win he could pick any champion he wanted to face at Wrestlemania and i guess he really wanted to he could face Cena but i doubt cena will be champion going into Wrestlemania because there are talks that WWE is wanting Undertaker vs John Cena and i guess that would be Taker as champion but i could be wrong but they are not going to have both of them be champion. So that opens the door up for Randy Orton once again. :)

Another situation that i could see happening would be in Feb WWE has the PPV Elimination Chamber witch is in St. Louis (i will be attending this event. Yes we have the same hometown, and tickets go on sale December 12 Th at 10AM for that event if you are wondering. So i could see Randy Orton winning a World Championship at this event in his home town if i had to say it would be the WWE Title. (Also Edge may return in this event just saying)

This would then set up the Two World Title Matches at Wrestlemaia

Undertaker (c) vs John Cena (World Title)

Randy Orton (c) vs Ted DiBiase (WWE Title)

This would be great idea at least in my eyes but please let me know what you think and comment and also i know inside you all know just a little bit this is a good idea and not s bad way to look at it.  Bottom line Randy Orton will be a World Champion before or when Wrestlemania 26 is over but i would have to say in February!