Women's Basketball: Becky Hammond is Not a Traitor

Anthony HuetherContributor IJune 14, 2008

She is the starting point guard of the San Antonio Silver Stars.  One of the more popular players in the WNBA.  Even born and raised in the United States.  But Becky Hammon is not playing for Team USA in the Summer Olympics.  Why?  She is going to be the starting point guard for Team Russia.

Yes, that is right.  Team Russia.  During the WNBA off-season, Hammon plays for the CSKA Moscow, which gave her dual citizenship.  So when Team USA did not come knocking on the door, she decided to join her Russian friends and Team Russia.  The day after accepting a spot on Team Russia, that is when Team USA asked her to tryout. 

For the people and Team USA calling her a traitor, back off.  She is not a traitor.  Team USA waited to ask her to tryout for the team.  Team USA, you have a problem.  A very talented point guard, wanting one last shot at winning a gold medal should equal a no brainer and invite her to the team.  Team USA did that with Dawn Stanley.  They waited, she left for a new team. 

It is her choice.  Do not devalue her choice.  As individual, we were taught to make to make choices and stand by them.  That is exactly what Hammon has done.  And for the individuals that do not understand why she could do such a thing.  Guess what?  She did what she had to do. 

Put yourself in her shoes.  Wouldn't you, searching for a gold medal, do the same thing?  I know I would.  Good job Hammon.