Paul Pierce Leads The Way: My All Kansas Basketball Team

Burger KingCorrespondent IJune 14, 2008

There have been so many great players to play at the University of Kansas and most from this list have had a long career in the NBA. If this team were to go against any other all-time college team, this would be a tough one to beat.

Point Guard:

Starter: Jacque Vaughn

Backups: Kirk Hinrich, Kevin Pritchard

Shooting Guard:

Starter: JoJo White

Backups: Darnell Valentine, Jeff Boshee

Small Forward:

Starter: Paul Pierce

Backups: Bud Stallworth, Julian Wright

Power Forward:

Starter: Danny Manning

Backups: Raef Lafrentz, Wayne Simien


Starter: Wilt Chamberlain

Backups: Clyde Lovellette, Nick Collison