Killing Them Softly: DX Must Be Allowed to Die Once and For All

Sulayman H.Senior Writer INovember 27, 2009

Note: The opinions expressed here are concerning the team of DX together, not Shawn Michaels and Triple H individually, I mean come on themselves, they rockhard.


Nothing lasts forever.

We as humans have become too familiar with that statement, be it a loss of a friend, a loved one, or just about anything that has been present in the long term, we understand that one day it has to dwindle into nonexistence.

Just like fine wine, we get better with time.

That proclamation doesn’t apply with Degeneration X’s current state. The way in which their return was brought about had me thinking that the tag team division would recover regardless of whether it would be one crotch crop at a time.

The prospect of having them hold the tag titles and then passing the torch to an up and coming tag team would put said team so over the moon they wouldn't be able to take it all in.

They didn’t enter the tag team scene, though.

But they did grapple with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes in a spell of matches which thrilled the fans of the WWE all the while transforming Legacy into a plausible duo.

Summerslam, Bragging Rights, and Hell in a Cell showcased their ability to work together and put on a show along with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.

Until then my assumption remained true but when Shawn and Hunter were thrown into a match with Cena, I was left wondering what would become of a division that’s been built and damaged too many times?

When the Triple Threat match was over, we were told that DX would be facing JeriShow at TLC (T otally L azy C oncept of a PPV?) and that it would be for the unified tag titles which leads me to ask one question: What’s up with that?

With all the hoopla made over the opening of the triple threat bout at Survivor Series and people calling bull on RAW after all the tension between Michaels and HHH was not sold, this match could either be the start of a long running feud that leads to the title changing hands at the Royal Rumble (or Wrestlemania, depends on what qualifies as a long running feud these days).

Or it could be another opportunity to explore the tensions between Jericho and Big Show, creating a situation where hostility between Michaels and Helmsley reaches a point where it no longer can be ignored.

The word on the grapevine would indicate the second scenario might actually be an eventuality which would be just great.

At this point, let me make one thing clear.

Degeneration X needs to die, once and for all—which means no complete reunions. I’m -alright with a one night appearance but putting those two clowns (don’t look at your monitor like that) together would be the height of "just too much for me to handle."


I get not being able to be cutting edge, vulgar and raunchy but this version of DX (which would be around 4.0, I think) is bland, boring, unfunny, and just plain unbearable.

Shawn’s character has been dialed down to a bumbling fool outside the ring who resorts to ensuing in unfunny gags with his "bestest" buddy Triple H (who slept his way to the top if you didn’t already know, tee hee), like getting served with papers for little people’s court.

I guess they had to do something for Judge Verne Troyer next week, but how does JeriShow fit into all of this?

My guess is that they probably don’t.

Hear that?

I get it, WWE is PG now and they want to send a positive message to the mainstream media to show that they “care.” I know DX moves merchandise, and money is king in the land of sports entertainment or in any other land for that matter.

But how many times can you resurrect something and make it more pathetic until it can’t be made to look like more of a joke than it already is?

For how long can they pretend that we like watching such garbage?

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing the end of Degeneration X at TLC; for now.

Degeneration X needs to die, once and for all, although HHH and HBK are doing a pretty first-rate job of killing it in the first place.

It's about time, break it (them) down.