Bye Charlie, at Least The Cupboards Aren't Empty

Danny HerronContributor INovember 30, 2009

Charlie has been fired according to everyone as of 2 years ago. He just hasn't cleaned out his office until now. He built an offensive power that couldn't stop a high school team and defense is why he is gone.

The defense hasn't improved since he has arrived even if the talent level and depth has. The next coach will look like a genius next season just because there is talent and there will be experience on D. Even if Clausen and Tate leave, there is still more talent there than all but a handful of of teams. Notre Dame is losing Clausen and that will hurt, Tate will probably leave too. Other than that, they aren't losing anything. Floyd is still there, Rudolph, Allen, Robinson, and the list goes on. On D, well Mr always around the ball McCarthy will be missed but that is it and we might actually be upgrading.

I like many fans are just playing wait and see. The right hire and we are BCS bound next year, the wrong one,,,,see Michigan. We don't need to start over again and Charlie didn't leave the cupboards dry like Tyrone "i'd rather golf than recruit" notWillingham did.

I for one would have been ok with one more year with Charlie, but anything more than 1 loss would be reason immediate termination.