Good Old Country Hardball: Chip Caray and TBS Part Ways

Tab BamfordSenior Writer IDecember 1, 2009

TBS announced on Monday that they had parted ways with baseball play-by-play announcer Chip Caray.

Sorry Kleenex, but my single tear won't help your stock price.

Caray, who was better known for the full families of birds living in his eyebrows and his last name than his ability to call a baseball game has never distinguished himself as the legend in the booth that his grandfather, Harry, or father, Skip, would make you think.

To the contrary, Caray's "highlight" reel from this year's postseason has made every sports talk radio station's blooper feed this year. From calling a ground ball a line drive out to crediting teams with runs before the runner was tagged out by a mile, Caray was mediocrity with a mic.

I'm a Cubs fan. When the Cubs went south in 2009 or when Jay Cutler tosses another interception (I think he threw two on Monday afternoon), I find consolation in knowing that it could be worse. I just think back a couple years to when Caray was joined by Joe Carter in the worst broadcast booth pairing in the history of professional sports.

Now Caray can move on to making money off another family legacy: steak. Maybe one of his late grandfather's restaurants in Chicago needs a bartender. He might not know the difference between a line drive and a grounder, but he should know the difference between shaken and stirred.