NFL Week 13: Picks From Patriots Fans' Perspective

Terry RobinsonSenior Analyst IDecember 3, 2009

Here in Patriot Nation, our hearts are heavy in the wake of the Monday Night Massacre, but we hold our heads high. We have tasted defeat before, and we know that the sky is not falling.



Besides, there is a job to be done. Week 13 is upon us, and we are once again trying to put together some entertaining and accurate picks. Joining me in this endeavor are repeat offenders, EA, Steve Frith and C Douglas Baker.


So let’s do this thing, shall we?

Thursday, December 3

New York Jets @ Buffalo

TR: With a touch of chaos swirling around the Bills, Terrell Owens has decided to wake up and play football. The Jets are clinging to some dim hope of making the playoffs, but I don’t think it will matter as Buffalo takes this north of the border contest.

EA: I'll take the Jets, but it would be AWESOME for a repeat of the last time these two met up.

SF: I'm giving this one to the Bills. It's a divisional game, and the last time these two met, the Bills destroyed the Jets. Ok, so it wasn't a destruction (the game went into OT if I remember right). Look for a strong defensive showing from the Bills, a two TD's from T.O., and Rex Ryan leaving the game in tears. Sorry, couldn't resist.

DB: Two mediocre teams going at it but the Jets are overall a better team, even with Mark Sanchez’s recent struggles. Jets.

Sunday, December 6

Philadelphia @ Atlanta

TR: Even with Matt Ryan, the Falcons are pretty mediocre. Without him, they will be just plain bad. The Eagles are likely to be without the services of DeSean Jackson (concussion) but even so, they have the horses to win on the road.

EA: Matt Ryan has already been ruled out, which isn't a good sign at all. I'll take the Iggles with a relatively easy road win.

SF: Falcons without Ryan? Eagles run away with this one. Vick will see some playing time as the Eagles sit McNabb due to points spread.

DB: Jason Avant is a decent replacement for DeSean Jackson, and Atlanta hasn’t been playing up to snuff lately, especially if Matt Ryan is out. Eagles.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina

TR: At 1-10, the Buccaneers are pitiful, but they are going up against a Panthers team that has lost almost every single game that they should have won. In the end, Tampa Bay’s non-existent rushing defense will hand Carolina a home win.

EA: Somebody has to win, but it's almost been as if each team has been giving away their games. I'll take the home team, Carolina.

SF: Snoozer. A 1-10 team vs. a 4-7 team. Just go to the bar and get a few beers. It'll be more exciting than watching this game. I'll give this one to the Bucs just because I don't like to see any team win only one game all season long.

DB: If this game were on TV I might take a long nap. The Panthers should win this game. Panthers.

New England at Miami

TR: Regardless of the beating the Patriots took on Monday night, they remain a very good football team. Yes, they have some big problems. Miami is the Joker of the NFL, so we never know what to expect from them. But the combination of Ronnie Brown’s absence and the Patriots’ pride leads me to believe in a road win for our guys.

EA: After a reeeeeeeeally rough beating absorbed from the Saints, I think we're gonna bounce back with a big win against Miami, albeit on the road.

SF: When is the last time you saw the Pats lose two games in a row? Let me answer that for you--it was the 2006 season. That aside, I can guarantee two things: 1-the Pats are embarrassed after last week. 2-they're pissed...and I mean from top to bottom, they're pissed. No doubt that ownership is pissed. No doubt that Belichick is pissed. Players? Pissed. Fans? Yep...both embarrassed and pissed. Last week was a wake up call for the Pats. They got their bell rung last week when the Saints took them to school, so let's see if they've learned anything. Expect a 2nd half beat down by the Pats winning by a landslide. Oh, I forgot to mention something about the Dolphins... Squish the Fish!

DB: New England does not let bad games affect their performance the following week. I think they will come out again with something to prove and whip the Fins. Patriots.

St. Louis @ Chicago

TR: The Bears have some winning ways at home, and the 1-10 Rams bring nothing to the table. Chicago wins in a sloppy game. Really sloppy.

EA: I don't even like the Bears for this game, at home, against the Rams. The Rams. They let me down last week, but I'll take them again, Saint Louis Rams take the win at Soldier Field, you heard it here first.

SF: Another Snoozer. Good thing you'll be at the bar already (assuming you've read what I wrote about the Bucs and the Panthers). Again, I'll give this one to the Rams because I don't want to see multiple teams go 1-15.

DB: Who knows what is likely to happen in this game? Since the Bears are at home I am taking the Bears. Bears.

Detroit @ Cincinnati

TR: Oh, please. Really.

EA: As an Ochocinco fantasy owner, he BETTER make up for some pathetic showings against Cleveland and Oakland playing this weak Lions defense. Shouldn't be too hard, especially at home, for Cincy to pull off a huge blowout win over the woeful Lions.

SF: How much money are the Lions paying their #1 draft pick Matt Stafford? Ya....way to earn your money, Matt. Try not throwing four picks and your team might have a chance. Bengals take this one easily.

DB: Cincinnati is one of the top teams in the AFC and will roll over the Lions at home. Bengals.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis

TR: I am loving Vince Young’s work since he became the Titans’ starter. And then there is the phenomenal Chris Johnson. Okay, Indy has serious offense, but I am not at all impressed with their defense. Titans in the upset of the week. Yeah, I actually said that, whoa.

EA: As much as I hate to say it, Indy still remains undefeated, although (hopefully) the red hot Chris Johnson and Vince Young give the Colts a run for their money.

SF: The Titans have been hot, winning their last five in a row. I know what you're saying--the Colts have won every game thus far. Who cares. Titans take this one late in the 4th, or possibly in OT, thanks to Peyton choking.

DB: Chris Johnson and Vince Young against a weak defense. Can they do it? I will pick an upset again this week. Titans.

Houston @ Jacksonville

TR: The Texans continue to baffle. Plenty of talent, but they manage to just miss winning the games they should take. The Jags have MJD, and the Texans can‘t stop him. Schaub can do plenty, but it won’t be enough.

EA: Just think about this. Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, and one of the weakest secondaries in the game. Should be an easy, much needed win for Houston.

SF: I'm giving this one to the Texans because it'll tie them for 2nd in the NFC South. Despite the teams record, it'll be a battle down to the last minute or 2 of the game.

DB: What Texans team will show up? What Jaguars team will show up? Houston is good enough on both sides of the ball to handle the Jaguars easily. Texans.

Denver @ Kansas City

TR: The Broncos will smell blood in the water here, and the Chiefs will be the bleeders.

EA: Wouldn't it be cool if the Chiefs won? Back to reality, though, McDaniels' Broncos will show up, demolish everything in sight (though with my fantasy football interests in mind, hopefully not Jamaal Charles), and leave with a big win.

SF: Dear Matt Cassel, you've let me down thus far. The voices in my head tell me to stop liking you, but I can't. I just can't. I know you've got what it takes to bring a winning season to the Chiefs, you just have to pull your head out of your tail end and bring your A game. Oh, and let's hope that your center has learned to hike you the ball. Chiefs take this one in the third quarter thanks to a late showing by their defense.

DB: The Broncos have too much riding on this game to lose to the Chiefs. Broncos.

Oakland @ Pittsburgh

TR: The Steelers are angry at themselves, as well they should be. Injuries aside, they never should have lost to Kansas City two weeks ago. The main thing they have going for them here is the play of Rashard Mendenhall, going against a ridiculously poor run defense. Pittsburgh wins this one, much to my dismay.

EA: If the Steelers hadn't blown a game to Kansas City a couple weeks ago and had the Eagles not been stunned by Oakland earlier this year, I might be inclined to pick a nasty blowout in favor of Pittsburgh. But their current QB situation, along with their recent play has me thinking the Raiders may have a chance in this one, even in Pittsburgh.

SF: As much as I want the Raiders to win this one (because we all know how much I love the, Steelers), I don't think they'll be able to pull this one off. Unless of course, they get lucky. That's it! Okay, lucky it is. Raiders win this one by a field goal in the last minute in a low scoring game. Hopefully.

DB: Big Ben is back. The defense was always there. Steelers.

New Orleans @ Washington

TR: Wouldn’t it be crazy if the ‘Skins won this one? And wouldn’t I be crazy to suggest that they could? I’m crazy, but I’m not that crazy. It would be nice, but the only possible way it happens is if the Saints get caught looking. No way.

EA: After a tough loss on the MNF stage, I'm not drinking the New Orleans Kool Aid, but seeing what they did to the Patriots, they should absolutely steamroll Washington, at least 40 points on the board.

SF: Seriously? The Saints are the team to beat right now. Jerks. The Redskins don't have what it takes, on both offense and defense, to beat them. Saints walk away with this one. I hope I'm wrong on this one.

DB: I think the Redskins defense will give the Saints more trouble than most people expect. And I think the Redskins will do better than the pundits predict. But I don’t think their offense is good enough to score, so the Saints should have an easy game anyway. Saints.

San Diego @ Cleveland

TR: The Chargers have surprised me, playing well through as many injuries as they have suffered. Now riding a six-game win streak, they visit freezing Cleveland, where I believe the Browns will be much colder than the Bolts.

EA: I'd really like to win my fantasy football waiver claim on the Bolts defense this week. I'll take the Chargers by a mile, but if they drop this one, I don't know what to say.

SF: Another freakin 1-10 team! Wow...I don't see the Browns beating the Chargers. I'm also sick of rooting for the underdogs. Look for the Chargers to beat up the poor Browns. While the Chargers send the Browns to a 1-11 record, the fans and owners of the Browns will continue to wonder why they are keeping Mangini around.

DB: Browns are atrocious. Chargers.

Dallas @ New York Giants

TR: Week after week, I expect the Giants to snap out of their funk, but injuries, especially on defense, have done them in repeatedly. But it is December, not Tony Romo’s best month, and the G-Men are at home, and this is one of those divisional rivalries in which anything can happen, so… New York gets it done.

EA: In a big, big, BIG divisional game, I think Dallas, even though they've played sloppier than the record indicates, is going to pull off the win at the Meadowlands, pulling the plug on Big Blue's playoff hopes.

SF: The Giants are coming off a bad loss, while the Cowboys are coming off a big win. Look for Dallas to hand out a beat down as they continue to hold their #1 spot in the NFC East, ensuring that the Giants continue to hold last spot in the NFC East (haha!).

DB: Despite the fact that this is a division game on the road, the Giants look horrible lately. Unlike most people, I actually am a believer in Romo, even though he has yet to earn it. Dallas

San Francisco @ Seattle

TR: Rather than ask who will win this game, let’s ask: Who cares? C’mon, show of hands. Okay then, I’ll go with Seattle at home. This way, I get to rank on Deion “Soulless in Seattle” Branch, my all-time favorite sellout dirtbag. Remember the little clown who held out the last year of his rookie contract in New England because he wanted “Reggie Wayne type money”? So far this season, he has 26 receptions for 239 yards and one TD. There, I feel better, thanks for listening.

EA: There really isn't much to be said about this game. I'll take the 49ers.

SF: Two teams with losing records. Great. Hope you're still at the bar. Seahawks take this one in the second half.

DB: Mike Singletary has this team playing about as well as the talent on the field allows. The Seahawks are struggling. 49’ers.

Minneapolis @ Arizona

TR: This game should be a pretty cool showdown, especially considering that the combined ages of the two quarterbacks just about equals that of the Pyramids. I dislike Brett Favre’s soap opera antics, but I have to give him his props. Then there is that Peterson guy, which seals the deal for me, I don‘t care whose house it is.

EA: I feel like I may be in the minority on this, but I'm still not going to be 100% on the Vikings until they show me a convincing win over a top tier team. A win in the desert would be a step in that direction, but I don't know, Kurt Warner and the Cardinals have been awfully good at home...

SF: Finally, two worthy teams. The Vikings are 10-1, and the cards are a respectable 7-4. The Vikings are hot this season with Favre under center, but we all know that the Cards can be surprisingly good. If the Vikings win this one, it'll be by squeaking it out in the 4th quarter. Vikings win this one, but just barely.

DB: The Vikings are one of the three best teams in the NFL. Vikings.

Monday, December 7

Baltimore @ Green Bay

TR: Aaron Rodgers has been on a tear lately, but the Ravens defense has improved too. Baltimore is coming off an important win over the Steelers, and I think they might finally make it two in a row. Just throw the ball to Derrick Mason, early and often. Then give it to Ray Rice. Hey, EA isn’t the only one looking for a fantasy win.

EA: This is actually an interesting match up. A great offensive unit pitted against a great defensive unit. Aaron Rodgers is going to air it out and wear them down, and the Packers will come away with a big win, making them a virtual lock for a Wild Card spot.

SF: This will actually be a good game. Rodgers has been playing well, but guess what? The Ravens defense has really stepped up. If the Ravens can put some points on the board, I think their defense can hold the Packers off, ending the Packs winning streak.

DB: The Ravens defense will eat up the Packers offensive line. Ravens.


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