NFL Week 13 Predictions

Bobby LewisCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2009

DENVER - SEPTEMBER 20:  A detail of the NFL logo on painted on the sideline grass as the Cleveland Browns face the Denver Broncos during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on September 20, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Browns 27-6.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Last week's record: 7-9

Overall record: 116-60

Lock of the Week: 9-for-12

New York Jets (5-6) @ Buffalo (4-7): Unlike their first encounter, I don't expect the Jets to run for 200 yards, nor do I expect Mark Sanchez to throw a dozen interceptions. Nonetheless, I trust the Bills' D more than the Jets' offense. Buffalo's been playing well lately and they know how to beat the Jets.

On a side note, why is this game in Toronto? People there could care less about the Bills or the Jets.

Buffalo wins, 20-16

Philadelphia (7-4) @ Atlanta (6-5): Unfortunately, injuries may go a long way in determining the outcome of this one. Matt Ryan will be out for the Falcons and DeSean Jackson is likely out for the Eagles. The Falcons really need a victory, but Chris Redman will not be able to pull out two in a row.

And just as a subplot, Michael Vick makes his return to the Georgia Dome. Expect him to see two or three more plays than he usually does, especially if this is a blowout.

Philly wins, 26-17

St. Louis (1-10) @ Chicago (4-7): The Bears are in a horrible stretch. Jay Cutler can't stop throwing interceptions and the defense just can't stop anybody. Steven Jackson will have a great game, but it'll all be irrelevant because Kyle Boller will most likely start.

Chicago wins, 16-8

Detroit (2-9) @ Cincinnati (8-3): It doesn't really matter who the Lions put under center this week because whoever it is will be staring at a pretty good defense. The improvement the Bengals have shown on that side of the ball is remarkable.

Cincy wins, 24-13

Tennessee (5-6) @ Indianapolis (11-0): This is where we find out how good the Titans are. They are catching Indy at a pretty good time—when they are constantly coming from behind. With Chris Johnson running like he is, the Colts won't have the success they've had if they fall way behind again.

I'm sure that the Colts have heard a lot of that this week, so don't expect them to start slow again. They know that if they lose this game, they may see the Titans again in six weeks.

Indy wins, 30-20

Denver (7-4) @ Kansas City (3-8): The Broncos are seemingly back on track and in line for a playoff spot, so I can't see them losing. With Indy and Philly coming up, they have to beat bad teams.

Denver wins, 26-10 (Lock of the Week)

Oakland (3-8) @ Pittsburgh (6-5): The Steelers have to do a better job protecting the ball and stopping returns. If they do those two things, they win going away. If not, they have another unnecessarily close game on their hands that could cost them a playoff spot.

Pittsburgh wins, 27-7

New Orleans (11-0) @ Washington (3-8): After Monday night's big win, this is a potential letdown game for the Saints. Don't expect them to have one. They seem to genuinely want to go undefeated and the Redskins will not deter them.

New Orleans wins, 31-14

Tampa Bay (1-10) @ Carolina (4-7): This may be Tampa's best chance to get their second victory, but Bucs fans shouldn't count on it. Jake Delhomme should be able to have a decent game against Tampa's secondary which also means Carolina's running game will have a nice afternoon.

Carolina wins, 20-12

Houston (5-6) @ Jacksonville (6-5): The Jags were sitting in a very nice position before they lost last week. Now they face a desperate team in need of a win. Houston's offense is still very explosive and if the Jags couldn't stop San Francisco, they won't stop Houston.

Houston wins, 28-20

San Diego (8-3) @ Cleveland (1-10): Cleveland is the worst team in the league and San Diego's been on fire over the last several weeks. Tough decision.

San Diego wins, 37-9

Dallas (8-3) @ New York Giants (6-5): There are a few things we can count on around this time of year and one of those is the Cowboys collapsing. It will probably happen again this year, but it won't start this week. The Giants can't run the ball and their defense hasn't been all that great. Dallas should end the Giants' playoff hopes this week.

Dallas wins, 27-17

New England (7-4) @ Miami (5-6): New England's defense got pushed around all over the field against the Saints, so I expect them to come out a little bit angrier than normal. Miami is not New Orleans in any way, so the Pats shouldn't have too much of a problem controlling the flow of the game.

New England wins, 28-16

San Francisco (5-6) @ Seattle (4-7): This is a big game for the 49ers and I expect them to play as such. The Seahawks have been killed by injuries and should really be no match for teams better than they are. San Francisco is one of those teams.

San Francisco wins, 21-13

Minnesota (10-1) @ Arizona (7-4): If the Vikings can manage to get into January with just one loss, they may still get home field throughout the playoffs. This is a huge game in that regard. There's also a very realistic possibility that these two teams will meet again before February.

A lot of this game hinges on whether or not Kurt Warner is ready to go. Matt Leinart played pretty well last week, but the Cards have a better chance to win with Warner. Assuming Warner plays, the Cardinals will win. They now know how to win big games and the Vikes have been playing a bunch of bad teams lately.

Arizona wins, 30-26

Baltimore (6-5) @ Green Bay (7-4): There is a lot riding on this game for the Ravens, but I can't see them going into Green Bay and winning. They're not as good as they were last year and the Packers have strung together a few good performances since the Tampa Bay debacle. Green Bay will have the Ravens on their heels all game long.

Green Bay wins, 30-17


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