Chicago Bears Prediction Revisited

Dennis Towle Jr.Contributor IDecember 4, 2009

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 22: A worker waves a Chicago Bear flag during player introductions before a game between the Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles at Soldier Field on November 22, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. The Eagles defeated the Bears 24-20. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know how to begin. And, I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. Am I supposed to be amused, angry, satisfied, or what? After all, I’m a Packer fan, and I do so enjoy abusing Bear fans.

Anyway, it was preseason, after game 3 that I had penned an article on how I thought the NFC North was going to play out. I had ranked Chicago as #3.

Oh my God, I was deluged with Bear fans telling me off, touting their team as the next Super Bowl champion, saying that I was an idiot, and espousing that Cutler was the Messiah that would lead the way to the Promised Land. (Because Cutler was so very much better than Orton.) 

Well guess what Bear fans, it was never Orton, he’s doing great over at Denver. So, if it’s not Orton, then what is it? 

It is 3 things: It is your lack of receivers, it is your offensive line, and it is your system, It is all of that… and then more. 

You have small, weak receivers that can’t catch what’s thrown to them and that can’t make it to the spot that they’re supposed to be at in order to catch what’s thrown to them. Their routes are unpolished and predictable, and they can’t separate from their defender.

Add to that an offensive line that refuses to protect its bread-and-butter from getting toasted on every pass play, and can’t open holes for the running game. By the way, one of your cast-offs, Cedric Benson, is tearing up the league behind a very good offensive line. There lies the proof!

“But just look at our practices!” Sure, everything works in practice… but, like Iverson says, “come on now, it’s practice!”  At the start of real live game time, you have a chaotic madhouse and clowns are blocking the door to the kitchen.

Chicago keeps changing the players to match “the system” but as I see it, it’s “the system” that’s flawed, not the players. If you would have stuck with Orton, he would have been another year into the system (whatever that system is). What you have now is another new quarterback who’s learning the system, throwing to a lot of new wide receivers that are learning the system. The result is not pretty.

So if you want to fix these things, then get a coach that’s got a clue, have him draw up some plans and then plug in his people where they match up. How hard can that be?

Well, apparently too hard for the Chicago Bears!  Like I said, enjoy #3.