WWE Fantasy League Week 5

Patrick GreenCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2009

 Umaga (1973-2009).

 This fantasy league week 5 is dedicated to Eddie Fatu (Umaga). This past week two new superstars made there debut Caylen Croft and Trent Barbetta, these two our now avalibale on the free agent pile, as well as Marayse, last week I realized nobody ever picked her up. So if you want to pick them up you have to drop one of your wrestlers as well.

 Week 5 was just wrapped up, and there was a little change but nothing compared to last weeks big shake up. Here are the Week 5 results.

Divison 1

1. Niall Kelcher 290 points (League Leader) - Stayed the Same

2. Benjamin David 180 points - Stayed the Same

3. Svyato Rovenchuk 140 points - Stayed the Same

4. Kenneth Fink 120 points - Stayed the Smae


Divison 2

1. Asheel Din 220 points ^ + 1

2. John Azam Azam  200 points * - 1

3. Captain Charisma 170 points - Stayed the Same

4. Chris Anderson 120 points - Stayed the Same

5. Matthew Hester 20 points - Stayed the Same


Divison 3

1. Legend Killer 190 points - Stayed the Same

2. Greg Bush 150 points - Stayed the Same

2. Chris Muelller 150 points ^ + 1

4. Patrick Shoenimi 0 points - Stayed the Same


Divison 4

1. Hurricane Hubbard 280 points - Stayed the Same

2. Bill The Wonder Kid 250 points - Stayed the Same

3. RKO Fan 120 points - Stayed the Same

4. Jack Dunleavy 80 points * - 1

5. Joe Burgett 60 points


Now I am doing a thing on here, where I tell you who is on the rise, and to watch out for. This week it is Asheel Din, she scored 60 points this week, and is now in first. At one points he was in fourth. So watch out for Asheel Din

If you want to look at last week for comparison here it is http://bleacherreport.com/articles/298670-wwe-fantasy-league-week-4

Now here are the roster ranks!

1. Niall Kelcher (John Cena, Kane, Mark Henry, and Eve)

2. Hurricane Hubbard (Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Hurricane, and Vance Archer)

3. Bill The Wonder Kid (Chris Jericho, R-Truth, Ezekiel Jackson, and Kelly Kelly)

4. Asheel Din (Eric Escobar, Triple H, The Miz, and Nikki Bella)

5. John Azam Azam (The Great Khali, Undertaker, Mickie James, and Slam Master J)

6. Legend Killer (Melina, Rey Mysterio, Gail Kim, and Goldust)

7. Benjamin David (Natalya, Shelton Benjamin, Sheamus, and Katie Lea Burchill)

8. Captain Charisma (Christian, Zack Ryder, Yoshi Tatsu, and Mike Knox)

9. Chris Mueller (William Regal, Batista, Ted Dibase, and Maria)

10. Greg Bush (Kofi Kingston, Alica Fox, Evan Bourne, Paul Burchill)

11. Svyato Rovenchuk (CM Punk, Beth Phoneix, Tyson Kidd, and Primo Colon)

12. RKO Fan (Cody Rhodes, Shawn Michaels, David Hart Smith, and Brie Bella)

13. Chris Anderson (Chris Masters, Big Show, Dolph Zigler, and Carlito)

14. Kenneth Fink (Edge, MVP, JTG, and Jillian)

15. Jack Dunleavy (Matt Hardy, John Morrison, Shad, Tommy Dreamer)

16. Joe Burgett (Randy Orton, Vladimir Kozlov, Michelle McCool, and Chavo Gurrero)

17. Matthew Hester (Finlay, Layla, Santino Marella, and Tyler Rexs)

18. Patrcik Shoienimi (Rosa Mendes, Jimmy Wang Yang, Hornswoogle, and Luke Gallos)

Always I suggest to trade, and I will suggested it again.

This article is dedicated to Eddie Fatu and his family and friends.