Florida Gators Drown Under the Tide in Atlanta, Alabama Wins SEC Championship

Wesley FricksAnalyst IDecember 5, 2009

December 5, 2009. Tampa, Fl. ROLL TIDE!!! Alabama beat the gators out with some great football.

I am proud of the team who did not start the season saying, "we are going the win the national championship" before the first game was even played.

The Gators got what they deserved. Alabama made Tebow cry. Tebow is a selfish player and will not be in the Heisman running as he thought.

Gators finally played a college team. Meyers set the Gators' schedule to make it easy for Tebow in his senior year and now it has backfired.

Tebow's last game in Gainesville was about Tebow. What about the rest of the seniors on the team? What about the rest of the players in general? They say he is a big Christian. Christians don't put themselves before others in a selfish way as Tebow has done.

Tebow is a fraud and will not get the contract in the NFL that Matthew Stafford got. It just won't happen!

The announcers call every game as if the Gators walk on water. They are beatable as anyone else. I hear they were even negotiating to play Hillsborough High School in 2009.

Not really, but when you don't fill your schedule with tough teams and then have to face one, you lose 32-13—it is that simple.

The Florida Gators have been overrated all season and the luck ran out on them in Atlanta, Georgia tonight.

I am glad that the Gator hoopla has ended and the only thing I regret was that the Tide chose to take a knee instead of giving Ingram one more shot at the end zone. That has been what the Gators have done to those high school teams they have played all season.

But Alabama has something the University of Florida needs to offer in Gainesville, a class on class.