Tiger Woods: Golf's First Real Villain

Joe GerrityCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2009

Somewhere along the course of the last two weeks, Tiger Woods transformed from a hero into a bad guy.

A wife might argue it occurred after the second affair came out into the open, confirming it was not just a single mistake.

Fathers might claim it happened around the time he completely disregarded his children’s well being by destroying their mother’s life and separating the family.

Young children won’t really remember exactly when it happened, but when they grow up you can be assured that they will remember—Tiger is the bad guy.

Since Tiger first surged to the top of golf, fans have cheered him as one of their own. His smile and charm appealed to so many people both on and off the course. He acknowledged being a role model and seemed to pride himself on it.

There was even a set of Nike advertisements with dozens of children repeating “I am Tiger Woods.” Tiger was well aware that the public eye was on him as a role model and he embraced it wholeheartedly.


Nobody saw the next twist coming—Tiger Woods had been lying the whole time. For years, he had been cheating on his wife with other women, allegedly maintaining 10 personal affairs while his wife was birthing and raising their children.

Essentially, everything the public knew about Tiger off the course instantly became a lie.

It’s said that there is a fine line between love and hate. Most would agree that the public was in love with Tiger Woods prior to Thanksgiving weekend. When he abused the fans’ trust, he lost their love.

Now he will incur their wrath.

For years, fans have searched for the one player who was capable of challenging Tiger’s dominance. Every single player, including David Duval, Vijay Singh, Ernie Els, and Phil Mickelson, has shown that only at their very best are they even capable of challenging Tiger and even then, they can’t surpass him.

The problem of course was, that nearly every great golfer was a good guy off the course as well. Tiger, Phil, Vijay, Els and more all had very quiet private lives with nothing of note to make the public root against them.

Tiger, all of a sudden, finds himself as the only bad guy in golf.

In the past, it was Tiger versus The World. Now it seems more like it’s The World versus Tiger.

Those big galleries won’t be cheering for him anymore. They will be rooting for his opponent, whomever he may be. Fans love to root for the underdog and pretty much every single person who goes up against Tiger is one.

Nobody roots for Goliath after he cheats on his wife with ten whores.

When Tiger misses a putt, there will be some fans cheering.

As Woods taps in to win his next tournament, there will be plenty of upset golfers cussing. They had wished he would never win another.

Golf found a villain and his name is Tiger Woods.