College Football Needs a Playoff System: The Most Logical Way To Do It

Ryan HealeyCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2009

I was never for a playoff system, at all, until recently (I even wrote an article on how to make the BCS better without a playoff system not that long ago). Upon thinking about professional sports and other college sports with playoffs that determine a champion I came to the conclusion that college football needed one. 

Figure this, the professional sports that determine a champion through a playoff system reads as this: NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, WNBA, MLS and those are just some of them. For college sports there are: Baseball, hockey, basketball, softball, soccer, the Football Championship Series, Division II and III football, and plenty of others I missed. 

All of those sports whether in professional or college has a playoff system that works or usually works to determine a true champion. 

College football is stuck with the BCS that determines who the number one and number two teams are and then they meet in the National Championship game. So two out of one hundred and twenty teams are the only two teams who get to play for the National Championship game? 

Yes every week teams are playing for wins and to go undefeated to make it to the National Championship game but so are all the other teams in sports that have a playoff system. Have you realized that? 

Figure this there are eleven conferences in the FBS, the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big Twelve, C-USA, MAC, MWC, Pac-10, SEC, Sun Belt, and the WAC. Then there are the Independents which could easily be considered a conference. So you take the eleven conference champions and the highest ranked independent school if they are ranked if not then the team with the best overall record. Then you break those 12 teams down into a bracket. 

I'll give you an example of what that bracket would look like:

Week 1

#1 Alabama (SEC) vs. #12 Navy (Ind.)  

#2 Texas (Big 12) vs. #11 East Carolina (C-USA) 

#3 Cincinnati (Big East) vs. #10 Troy (SunBelt)

#4 TCU (MWC) vs. #9 Cen. Mich (MAC)

#5 Boise (WAC) vs. #8 Ga. Tech (ACC)

#6 Oregon (Pac-10) vs. #7 OSU (Big Ten) 

(seed # reflect teams ranking in bracket based on ranking in standings and win/loss record if team is not ranked)

(Seeds #1,#3,#5 well be placed on the left and seeds number #2,#4,#6 would be placed on the right, as if you were looking at a bracket) 

Simple isn't it? All you do is take the higher ranked team and pit them against the lower ranked team (if they aren't ranked you determine it by their record). 

Only issue you need a bye week. That would come in the second week with the two higher seeds receiving a bye. Then those two highest seeds would play the highest seeded of the two games played in week two. 

So it would look like this (example week 2 play) 

Week 2

#1 Alabama and #2 Texas get bye week (if they won)

#3 Cincinnati vs. #8 Ga. Tech

#4 TCU vs. #6 Oregon 

Week 3

#1 Alabama vs. #8 Ga. Tech

#2 Texas vs. #6 Oregon

Week 4

Championship game

#1 Alabama vs. #6 Oregon

Remember these are all examples.

Where to play? Keep the current BCS Bowl sites, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Rose, and add the Cotton Bowl to the list. Thats five sites for six games so two games would be playing in the same place on the same day.

When it would start? When all the other bowls get started December 19th and it would end on January 7th or earlier. Also you would still have all the other bowls. 

But one a good note for all the playoff haters the almighty U.S. Government has gotten involved in this and has support on both sides of the aisle along with the President. 

I will more likely get flak for this but oh well. College football needs a playoff and in due time will get one. The BCS is all about money and does not give each of the 120 teams a chance at winning the national championship and it should. 


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