Disregard the Number Of Mistresses, Tiger Made Only One Mistake

Brad ScottCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2009

Let me start by saying that this is the last thing I wanted to write about. Hell, I'd rather write a 10 page dissertation on why John Daly's weight loss, equally the same amount I weighed as a 14 year old dreamy high school freshman, will mark the end of a golf career and the birth of seventies golf fashion porn. Talk about changing the plane of your swing? He may even be able to see his ball(s) now.

But the Tiger dilemma is just too dynamic to refrain from, even weeks after its initial arrival. And as the mistress count grows daily, it seems almost impossible for Tiger's persona not to be negatively affected more and more. But the bottom line is, he made one really, really big mistake, he broke the Derek Jeter Rule.

The DJR states that no young athlete crowned the future of their respective sport should marry before: A) they overdose on drugs; B) their sport is fencing; or C) (recommended) they make their tearful, nationally televised retirement speech. All other variables should always abide by the DJR if they want to forever uphold our country's juvenile decision to label athletes as role models.

Tiger broke the rule, and he will pay more than any other offender in history. In fact, from now on, offenders of such rule will be known as Crouching Tigers .

We all know Tiger was in the wrong and he needs serious work on becoming a better man. But who doesn't? Is he really that different than most of us? No. It's our naivety that made this such a big story to begin with. We put him on a pedestal. We wanted a face to attach with the hyper realistic images we have dancing around in our heads depicting the 'morally perfect, squeaky-clean human being'.

Cheating is bad. But being a good husband is more than just keeping your pants on around other women. The love for your spouse has to outweigh everything else that matters to you. And for Tiger, at the peak of his career, we all knew that scenario was impossible, Elin Nordegren included.

Tiger Woods married to solidify our image of him. He did it for the fans, the sponsors, and a public that refuses to compartmentalize rogue athletes such as himself from their traditionally judgmental ethical beliefs.

I'd be willing to bet the farm (i.e. this laptop ) that if a poll were taken today where the subject was asked the first thing that came to mind when the term 'marriage' was heard, a disturbingly high percentage of responses would be "my spouse cannot have sex with another person besides me".

This is a problem. Possessiveness has often become the basis for marriage in our society. And while that clearly wasn't the case in Tiger's marriage, it is the reasoning behind much of the bashing directed towards him in order to maintain such selfish standards.

In fact, I'd go as far as to say that an occasional affair is more forgivable than countless other shortcomings permissible by spouses on a daily basis (i.e. verbal abuse, bad hygiene, financial support, home upkeep, etc.).

At least we're not still stoning them to death! (Bad taste I know but I couldn't help myself.)

It's clear we need to address this issue since our divorce rate is over 50 percent and increasing. Much higher than other countries whose religious beliefs are held separate to the modernity of times.

Tiger needs to get a divorce and revert back to hanging out with the Derek Jeter's of the world, on the weekends he doesn't spend with his kids. He needs to get back out on the course and do what he loves most, which is golf. Golf is the one sport where media can refrain from asking the tough questions because most of the fans don't really care about the rumor mill.

The PGA Tour needs Tiger, not the other way around. He could start his own tour if he wanted. And if it means some questions are off limits, no problem Tiger, it's none of our business anyway. We're a forgiving society.

And when the time comes when one of those 'holier than thou' journalists asks the forbidden question, they'd better hope when they look in the mirror Tim Tebow is staring back at them.