John Azam Azam's Week 14 Prediction Game and Week 13 Results

John Azam AzamCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2009

Hello and welcome to John Azam Azam's Prediction Game.

I have to tell you guys something important.

First, Robert Meyer has a website. It is a cool site so here is the link

We only have 3 more weeks untill the Palyoffs start. So untill then, everyone has something called a JAA pass. What the hell is a JAA Pass? For example: I am predicting a Saints-Colts game and I dont know who will win. I can use my JAA pass to predict that game untill the first quarter. So that is what a JAA Pass is and you can only use it untill the Playoffs start.

The Standing have changed alot. So here they are:

1. Robert Meyer (100) Congrats on getting 100!

2. People's Champion (97)

3. Will Holt (97)

4. Sportscaster007 (89.5)

5. JW Nix (89)

6. Chris Anderson (85)


7. MR.DAVE (84)

8. Blaine Spence (84)

9. Tyler Lambert (69)


10. Justin Thomas (58)

11. Ben Hammond (51)


0. Taylor Smith

0. Austin Penny

0. Kyle Winslow

0. Hurricane Hubbard

0. Jc De La Torre

0. Patrick Guadron

Here are the games: