PGA Tour: Retief Goosen Must Make Public Apology to Tiger Woods

Peter HughesSenior Analyst IJune 18, 2008

It is immaterial what motivated Retief Goosen to claim Tiger Woods was malingering while winning the US Open. The facts are: Goosen did make claims to the media.

They may have been taken out of context. They may have been jocular. Or, they could have been a stupid mistake on the part of the South Africian.

Nevertheless, Goosen's remarks were completely and utterly wrong—and must be condemned.

If the situation had been reversed, would Tiger Woods have reacted in a similar manner?

Prior to this weekend, Goosen has always been a person of decorum—as indeed have been most touring professionals. Hence, the publicity his allegations received.

He has been welcomed on the US Tour, but it remains to be seen if his popularity will continue or will he stand alongside another European "Mr Grumpy" and be judged accordingly ?

Retief Goosen has made a cardinal error, and in so doing must make a public and unequivocal apology to Tiger Woods. Should he fail to so do, the USPGA would be fully justified in withdrawing his playing rights.