Will Lebron Pick Houston In 2010 -2011?

Kyle MooreContributor IDecember 12, 2009

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(Could Lebron pick Houston in 2010- 2011 ?)


Lebron James could pick the Houston Rockets in 2010- 2011 over the Clippers, and the Knicks. He should pick Houston because that's the best team that will fit Lebron. Houston will probably trade  Tracy McGrady at the end of the year to free up some cap space.

If Lebron picks Houston he will definitely have better chance of winning a championship Just think about the Houston Rockets with Lebron James on the team. This team will be a championship team with Aaron Brooks, Yao, Arzia, and Lebron. This team will be a top team during the year.

The Rockets right now need some leadership, since McGrady and Yao always get hurt. They need some one that can do everything on the court. That's what Lebron will bring to this Houston team.

Leadership, defense, to force a double team to get teammates open, and need someone to come through in clutch situations. As the Rockets are doing good this year, they just need someone to lead this team.

If Lebron joins Houston i think they will be a championship team. If he picks the Clippers, or Knicks it will take them a few years to develop into a championship team around Lebron.

Well see if Lebron resign a contract with Cleveland. Go to a different team, or maybe play football.