No Love For Lovie Smith

David BovynContributor IDecember 15, 2009

LIBERTYVILLE, IL - JANUARY 15:  Lovie Smith, former defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams, announces his four year contract as head coach of the Chicago Bears at a media conference on January 15, 2004 in Libertyville, Illinois.  (Photo by Aynsley Floyd/Getty Images)
Aynsley Floyd/Getty Images

At 49-42 as the Bears head coach, it is no wonder I find myself contemplating whether or not Lovie Smith is the right man for the job.  Although asking the same question of the lack luster Bull's coach across town, it feels more personal with Lovie.  For so long I supported him, and for so long I tricked myself into believing his calm demeanor was nothing less then a mental strategist getting ready for the intense chess match that the NFL can be.  In reality, I truly believe it is evident what we have for a coach here in Chicago is nothing more then a decent Defensive Coordinator, who might not even be that!  His defense this year has been riddled with injury, I will admit it has to be hard to run the complicated scheme that the Bears run without the 6 time pro bowler in the middle.  Maybe it is the decision to turn Hester from the best kick returner of all time into a (wouldn't be a number 3 on any other team) number one receiver.  Possibly it was over once they lost the Super Bowl.  Or maybe it is just knowing we will have another losing season tearing at my heart. All I know, is that I am sick and tired of hearing that same dull, boring, post game press conference, about whatever quarter of the season it is, and how next week we will step it up.  Come on Lovie, grow a pair!!  The only team we've beaten in the last 7 weeks has been one of the worst in the league.  Hello Mr. Cower, Goodbye Mr. Smith.