Why The Flyers Need to Get Back To There Roots

Sports WriterCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2009

27 Apr 1998:  Goaltender Ron Hextall of the Philadelphia Flyers in action during their NHL Playoffs game against the Buffalo Sabres at the Marine Midland Arena in Buffalo, New York.  The Sabres defeated the Flyers 6-1. Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart  /All
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

We all remember the glory days of Flyers Hockey.

Ron Hextall, his goals, his hits, his style of play.

He may be one of the most influential goalies of all time, and was the heart and soul of Philadelphia.

What about the Legion of Doom. The unstoppable line of Lindros, Leclair, and Renberg who during the 1995-96 season put up 121 goals and 134 assists.

What about the 1997 season, when they led the Flyers to the Stanley Cup, scoring 104 goals during the regular season and 26 during their playoff run.

Not only were they an unstoppable force of offense. They were one of the most physical lines to ever play the game.

So, I propose the Flyers bring back Hextall.....just kidding, though it be awesome if possible.

The Flyers do, however, need to step it up if they want to compete in the playoffs.

They are 15-15-1, and even though just played a great game against the Bruins last night, in which they won 3-1, they need some more momentum.

They need to get back that "Philly Toughness" that has been slowly getting lost throughout the years.

Now, to make it clear, I am not saying this Philadelphia team is not tough.

Need proof? Just take a look at Lapperieres face, or some recent highlights of Danny Carcillo and Riley Cote.

I am just proposing we get back that edge we had during the 1990s, and become one of the most feared and toughest teams in the NHL.

Is that too much to ask?

I do not think so, for we have the talent and players to pull it off....oh and while your at it Philadelphia, lets score some goals shall we?

The Flyers are sitting at tenth in the Eastern Conference and third in the Atlantic Division..fourteen points behind rivals New Jersey and Pittsburgh.