Decisions Decisions?? The Riley Wade Standoff

Ivan MoraContributor IDecember 16, 2009

Who will our savior be in the end(well at least for this season) Riley or Wade????


We have heard constant rumors ever since the season kicked off that Riley put off summer acquisitions(with the exception of Q-rich) to keep our salary cap ready for the next summer.  The summer where LBJ, Bosh, and Stoudemire could be within our grasps.  It is definitely a smart move and I can surely rest my faith in a superb coach with Pat Riley, but will it be enough for Wade to wait?  We have to admit our chemistry hasn't really been all there and we certainly haven't clicked well especially with out starting small forward injured.  Will Pat Riley throw in the towel before 2010 to please Wade?

We need answers and as a fellow Miami Heat fan I am frustrated.  We went on a quick 7-2 winning record to start the season but completely fell apart after that.  Chalmers has been improving in assists and steals but does that really make a difference NOW when his defense and ppg are decreasing.  Wade has been our savior for now but he's been on a scoring slump and he's frustrated with his team and Riley.  He has started to talk freely about Free Agency and how he wants to be with a contender next year.  Judging how Miami has played since winning the championship with two first round losses in 3 years ending up with a 3-8 record in the postseason doesn't assure our team to be a contender.  Were barely a .500 team in these past three years.  Quentin Richardson has impressed us but has held us back with his injury.  Beasley's off season issues has affected him a starter and I really don't think it should.  He should be a consistent shooter and defender switching around the 3 and 4 position to really establish himself as a future all star.  And our past the prime weak legs Jermain O' Neal hasn't really flourished as a center.  Do you all see that starting lineup defending the big 4 in the East?  Doubtful.

I hate dissing my team but its time Pat makes some moves for the sake of our future.  Shawn Marion was brought in to help us win and please Wade- didn't happen, Jermaine O' Neal the same and were not seeing results.  We have the pieces to make some valuable trades to help our bench which also needs reinforcement alongside Haslem.  Pat needs to evaluate our trade pieces to acquire our possible additions in Mike James, Steve Blake, and T-Mac.  I know a lot of people aren't in agreement with the T-Mac trade because of his injury, but at this point we need another consistent scorer and we can get that in McGrady.  We can get a mediocre big fella to fill out the void that will be left with us by the departure of O'Neal(if the trade does go through) if we get a two for two with Houston and maybe acquire Hayes or Anderson.  It will be a 23 mil for 23 mil expiring contract for this season. 

In the end O'Neal isnt producing like he should and with chalmers and beasley struggling and barely transforming into elite players it wouldnt hurt our chances to have a veteran presence as well as a consistent shooter in T-Mac with us.  Hey if you all don't like the idea lets just have another mediocre season with a definite first round loss and wait till 2010 and test Wades patience. 

Keep in mind Cook hasn't played hopefully to keep him fresh in case of a trade coming soon and we just waived Randolph to spare an extra spot in our roster.  I feel these next two weeks will test the Heats organizations intention to keeping Wade satisfied and happy to wear a Miami Heat jersey.

Your move Riley........make us proud


Ivan Mora