Reviewing My Week 14 NFL Fantasy Football Starts and Sits

Dave SandersContributor IDecember 16, 2009

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In my week 14 start and sit article, I said that I would break down my picks from the previous week and praise or criticize myself. Most fantasy writers do not do this and I am trying to be different and open myself to criticism by doing so.  So let's break down how my start and sit suggestions for Week 14 did.  

First let's start with the quarterbacks. 

I said start:

Joe Flacco (QB-Ravens) - I said he would be a top 10 QB this week.  He tied Vince Young for 10th in standard ESPN scored leagues with 13 points.  I thought he would score more points, but they ran the ball to score in the redzone, which led to Flacco having a decent, but not great day.

Ben Roethlisberger (QB-Steelers) - I blew this one.  I'm sure a lot of other fantasy writers had Big Ben as a sleeper too against the terrible Browns defense.  He didn't do well and only had nine points in ESPN standard leagues.  He was tied for the 18th best QB in Week 14.

I said sit:

Carson Palmer (QB-Bengals) - This was one of my best calls of the week.  Palmer and the Bengals offense were shut down by the defense of the Vikings.  He managed only eight fantasy points in ESPN scoring leagues, tying Michael Vick for 22nd best QB. If he ties Michael Vick in fantasy points this season, I'd say it was a good call to sit him.

Tony Romo (QB-Cowboys) - Romo had 17 fantasy in points in ESPN standard leagues and was a bad call to sit.  He got a TD too late to matter in the game that helped improve his stats, but still I made a mistake in saying to sit him. 

To recap: one great pick (Palmer), one decent  Pick (Flacco), two bad picks (Roethlisberger and Romo)

Not a great start, but let's turn to running backs.

I said start:

LeSean McCoy (RB-Eagles) - Being an Eagles fan, maybe I talked myself into this one. I thought coming off a week of not using him much, Andy Reid would get back to running the ball with McCoy who has been pretty successful this season. That didn't really happen. 

He had 10 carries and four catches, but didn't do much with them.  He ended up with four points in ESPN standard leagues, which isn't what you want from a starting running back. Bad call by me.  I, of course, didn't see Vick and Weaver getting touchdowns in this game from in close, but that's something Westbrook and McCoy owners need to watch out for the rest of the season.

I said sit:

Brandon Jacobs (RB-Giants) - Jacobs had 10 fantasy points in ESPN standard leagues. He was only tied for the 20th best fantasy running back of the week so I'll say this was a decent pick.  He split time with Bradshaw, and Bradshaw got some work around the goal-line which is concerning for Jacobs owners.

Still not great.  Of the running backs, I had a bad pick (McCoy) and a decent pick (Jacobs).  It has to turn around at some point, right?  It does.

Wide Receivers

I said start:

Steve Smith (WR-Panthers) - Steve Smith was the sixth best WR in fantasy in Week 14 with 14 fantasy points in ESPN standard leagues.  He had 83 yards and a TD, which you'll take from a WR any week.  Great call here!

I said sit:

Antonio Bryant (WR-Bucs) - Another great call here. Bryant only managed two catches for 22 yards.  Two fantasy points in ESPN scoring leagues.  Jets CB darrelle Revis shut him down as he has done to so many receivers this year.

To sum up wide receivers, I'd say two great picks here!

Tight Ends

I said start:

Kevin Boss (TE-Giants)  - Kevin Boss had a great week with fantasy points in ESPN scoring leagues, which made him the third best TE in fantasy.  Seven catches for 70 yards and a TD. As I said, you start your tight ends vs. the Eagles.  

I said sit:

Jeremy Shockey (TE-Saints) - Shockey managed only four fantasy points according to ESPN scoring leagues.  Thirteen tight ends out scored him this week.  And 13 tight ends might not even be owned in your league!  

Two more great picks here!

To recap all my picks from week 14 (in my opinion):  five great picks , two decent picks, and three bad picks.  

So what do you guys think?  I'd say that's a decent week for me.  I will be coming out with an article soon for my Week 15 start and sit options.

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Thanks!  Feel free to praise or rip my predictions or analysis in the comments section!