What's Next for Jr. Motorsports?

Matt EddieContributor IJune 19, 2008

Dale Earnhardt Jr. expressed some weeks ago that the Nationwide series is going to be far to expensive once they make the switch to the new car. The crossover from the old car should be about the cost of the organisation and he just doesn't have that money to spend. Stuff keeps getting torn up, fines keep coming in, and I am sure just like all else travel expenses are very high.

That sounds like an expensive hobby for Jr to have when he doesn't even get to drive for the team too much. Now the team has recorded its first win in the history of its existence and what are they to do? It's time for Jr. to make a decision now. Does he take the team he has got and move it to the Sprint Cup series and take his chances on starting a new team or does he just sell the team back to Rick Hendrick and keep his eyes on his driving career? I think with the driver market like it is right now the best decision is not to move on to bigger things unless you have a really good plan first. I'm sure he is thinking 2013 when he sees this team. That will be the first year he goes to drive for Jr. Motorsports or Dale Earnhardt Inc. after he buys out that team and merges the two together. Money means everything is this sport so what is a Jr. to do?