Phoenix Suns Trade Rumors: Boris Diaw and Leandro Barbosa

Kew SkwaredCorrespondent IJune 20, 2008

Boris Diaw and Leandro Barbosa are most likely changing zip codes this offseason.

No doubt you already heard about the rumors of Boris Diaw heading over to Toronto for TJ Ford and the No. 17 pick in the draft, or the trade that might send the Brazilian Blur to Portland for Martell Webster and the No. 13 pick in the draft.

Both of these trades seem very possible but I have taken the liberty of "modifying" these trades to better benefit both teams—and more importantly, to benefit the Suns. 

Let's analyze the trade that would bring the Suns TJ Ford from the Raptors, shall we? The Suns have been looking for the heir to Steve Nash since Nash first rejoined the Suns in the 2004-05 season. TJ Ford's game is similar to that of the two-time MVP, and he has a "pass-first mentality."

However, Ford lacks a consistent jumper—and, like Nash, he has a bad back. Last season, Ford suffered a devastating blow from Al Horford of the Atlanta Hawks, and was sidelined for several months.

Is Ford worth obtaining, knowing he has a bad back? It's a dice roll. However, the last time Phoenix gambled on an injury-prone player, the player won two MVP trophies. Although I am personally for this trade as I've been watching Ford since his Milwaukee debut, I can't say the Suns would be willing to dish out Diaw so easily.

Here's my modified trade: Boris Diaw and Raja Bell for TJ Ford, Jason Kapono, and the No. 17 pick in the draft.

This trade would benefit both teams. The Suns get a consistent three-point shooter in Kapono, and the Raptors get a defensive-minded shooting guard in Bell—not to mention the versatility of Diaw. This trade would also reunite TJ Ford with head coach Terry Porter, who he played under in Milwaukee.

Now it's time to analyze the potential trade between the Phoenix Suns and Portland Trailblazers. The Suns would get Martell Webster and No. 13 pick for Leandro Barbosa.

Is this a fair trade? Quite possibly—however the Phoenix Suns should try and push their luck and pry Channing Frye from the Blazers, too. Frye won't get much playing time with Greg Oden coming back from injury, which is why the Suns should push for him.

Here's the new trade: Leandro Barbosa, No. 17 pick in the draft, No. 15 pick in the draft for Martell Webster, Channing Frye and the #13 pick in the draft.This trade solves a problem for the Suns by giving them a backup power forward, and gives Phoenix a deeper bench. The Blazers get lightning-quick Barbosa, and now have two picks in the upcoming draft.

However, I see the Blazers packaging those two picks along with Raef LaFrentz and Travis Outlaw for the possibility of Richard Jefferson.

The trades would leave Phoenix altering their image—and more importantly, give them a roster built towards the future as well as today. Hopefully, both deals are accepted and the Suns can then look towards free agency. Is Michael Finley available?