The Roar Of The Mighty Dragon

EmmaAnalyst IDecember 22, 2009

Darkness slips over the unknowing, silent world; the dragon is ever alert for even the most diaphanous hint of such a black fall from grace.

She rears her mighty head, and roars in hypocritical outrage...even the deepest places of the world, the most remote sporting outposts, cannot escape that terrible sound. Her voice reaches far and wide, penetrating every defense and torturing every sanctuary.

No place is safe.

The pain is unbearable, incessant, and never-ending; she does not allow a reprieve. She pauses to draw breath, and the world sighs in relief; a mistake, for she then—with increased vigour—unleashes that horror once again on her now unsuspecting prey.

It is a bombardment of the senses; a demolition of all faith in that once-revered icon, now degraded to the levels of mortal men, and shattered beyond any hope of resurrection.

Purpose complete, and hunger appeased, she lowers her voice to a whisper. To the world, it seems she has subsided, but she has merely shifted focus.

The dragon never rests...