A Very Merry WWE Christmas

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2009

All over the great planet Earth, WWE Superstars are celebrating Christmas with their families. Superstars from the Great Khali to Hornswoggle are in the festive season. We'll begin this tale in Massachusetts, where a good little boy is waiting for his present:

Dad: Here you go, John, Merry Christmas.

Cena: Thanks Dad!

*Rips open present*

Cena: *Holds up Pikachu costume* What is this?!

Dad: Well, I was actually shopping for a better gimmick, but they didn't have those in your size. So......I thought this would be just as good if not better!

Cena: You think so?

Dad: I really do. You could sell a great amount of "Never Quit Pikachu" shirts! I mean if they would buy such a horrible just like the shirt your wearing now, I mean we can get them to buy anything! I'll get Auntie Fritter on the phone to make us some!

Cena: *sighs*

Now we are going to move on to a home in Tampa, Florida where two very bad boys are celebrating christmas.

Show: Chris, come and get some eggnog!

Chris: That toilet is a hypocritical troglidite! It didn't flush!

Show: Here calm down with some eggnog, it's my grandma's secret recipe.

Chris: Well, this is quite delightful...

Show: Did you wanna help me put ornaments on the tree?

Chris: Sure! Later we'll make gingerbread cookies!

Show: *mumbles* and love.

Chris: What was that?

Show: Nothing. Here i'll help you put the star on the tree.

Chris: It looks so nice. Could you get me somemore eggnog?

Show: Sure. *slips roofie in* Here you go.

Chris: You know, I need to get this recipeeeeee, uhhhh. *falls to the floor*

Show: Come with me. *grabs Jericho*

Um, ok. That was awkward. Anyway, let's go all the way to Italy to see some very merry people and some special guests.

Santino: Mama! Where is the ravioli?

Mama: In the pasta dish next to the gelatto machine.

Santino: Mmmm...mama your pasta is the best!

*knock on the door*

Mama: Mario! Luigi! What a surprise!

Mario: Hello! We brought a-presents for Santino and you.

Luigi: We had to a-keep Yoshi in the kart because he was eating all the coke cans.

Santino: Hello cousins! I see you brought coins for us. Let us go into the kitchen for some of my mama's ravioli.

*Santino trips and falls*

Mario: Oh a-no! Luigi, go get a mushroom from the car!

*zips out*

Mario: Here you are Santino.

*bloop, bloop, bloop*


Our last stop on this magical tour is in St. Louis, Missouri (You didn't think i'd forget?). Let's take a look:

Cody: OOH! I got a double purple! I'm gonna get to King Kandy before you Ted!

Ted: Dammit! I got back to the lollipop woods!

*Randy walks in*

Randy: What are you guys doing?

Ted: Nothing. *franticly hides game board*

Randy: Well are we gonna open presents or what? I need to go stare at myself in the mirror ASAP.

Ted: Ok, here you are.

Randy: Hmmm.....nice choice. I like it. I like it a lot.

Ted: I thought you might. It's official. All you have to do is sign it.

Randy: Cody, your gift please.

Cody: I put a lot of thought into it. I really hope you like it.

Randy: Really? This is it?

Cody: Ya! See, it has the custom engraving.

Randy: Why? What is this supposed to mean?

Cody: I thought since you didn't have it anymore, this could make you feel better! It's just like it!

Randy: Hmmm...ya. I like Ted's present better.

Cody: Oh. Well, what did you get us?

Randy: For Ted, here you are.

Ted: Wow Randy! This is awesome!

Randy: And for Cody.

Cody: Um. Thanks, I guess.

Randy: You like them? I got them half-off!

Cody: *snifels* THIS IS HORRIBLE!

That concludes our little insight on what everyday superstars do on Christmas. Thanks for reading and have a very merry christmas!




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