Batista-Rey Mysterio Riverly My Thoughts

Edward DegtyaryovCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2009

SAN DIEGO - JULY 12:  New cruiserweight champion Rey Mysterio Jr acknowledges the crowd after defeating Jericho during the WWE Bash at the Beach event at Cox Arena in San Diego, California on July 12, 1998.  (Photo by Elsa /Getty Images)
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First of all for the people that dont know about this, it started at Bragging Rights when Batista was about to get the pinfalll on Taker, but then Rey broke it up. Taker ended up winning the match, but what happened after the match is what struck us all. Batista clothslined, kicked and threw Rey into the wall. Then for the next few weeks Rey tried to let by gones be bby gones, but Batista had a diffrent side to the story.

                         Survivor Series 

When Survivor Series came it was Rey vs Batista in a anything goes no dq match. Rey had the match won with the springboard following the 619. but on the springboard Batista raised his knees. That was the beggining of a very bad ending for the Master of the 619. Batista did the Batista Bomb to Rey onto a chair 3 times and then spinebustured him onto the chair. Batiista did not go for a pin 1 time in that match, and won by knocking rey out.(Rey could not continue

      Last Friday Night Smackdown

It was a #1 contenders match for Takers WHC,(A SHOT), and it was between Rey and his former best friend, Batista. Batista was on the verge of victory, but Rey did a quick rollup and won the match.

     My thoughts on all this 

One main thing is that Batista needs to understand that just because he was about ready to win, doesnt mean Rey cant break it up. Its called " Every man for himself" Batista. And what happend at Survivor Series was just shocking. WWE lost alot of ratings for doing this. I think that Batista just needs to chill and reliaze that other people want to be champs to.

What do u guys think?

Btw i just turned 11. Yeah!!!!!