Why Bear Bryant Wouldn"t Wear His Hat In The Superdome.

RONALD MILAMContributor IDecember 22, 2009

Coach Bear Bryant of the Alabama Crimson Tide watches his players during a game.
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When asked at the 1979 Sugar bowl why he wasnt  wearing his distinctive houndstooth hat. Bear Bryant was quoted as saying  Mama said when you go indoors you take off your hat. Well in my mind that one quote is what separates the Bear and all other coaches.Yes you heard me right ALL!!!! other coaches in any sport pro or  college. He never cut corners he did everything the right way. If his star player was not with the program ;or procees; he was considered a cancer to the team. Thats why he ran off so many players at Texas A&M and  Alabama in the first year at both places.Before anyone mentions the name John Wooden;;phooey; fab five proved that even a average coach with great players can win in basketball. Any coach with Abdul Jabbar  and Bill  Walton.would have won in my oppinion. From  1960 to 1980 Bama was 203 -34-5 now thats a dynasty.He won 6 national championships was the only team unbeaten in 1966 but of course Notre Dame won it with a tie. finnised 2nd in 1977  of course Notre Dame jumped from 5th to first  after bowl game with a narrow win over Texas. By the way 3rd ranked Bama only beat Ohio St. in bowl that year 38 to 6.lost to Notre Dame in 1974 13 - 11 cost him another championship. in 1962 he lost to Goergia Tech 7-6  cost him another championship.As a matter of fact starting in the 5th game of 1960 until the end of 1966 he was 66-5-2  ties.He  lost 5 games by a combined total of  12  points .Man got game?  anyone???  better???. I thinks not.Bear  took  Kentuky to there only S.E.C. championship in football  and he beat the  national  champs  Oklahoma in the bowl game 13-7 both were 10-1 but the champs were  decided prior to the bowls  then Hello  KKKentuky.Year long scores for and against-1961. 297 for 25 against.1962.289for 39given up.1966 301 for 44 against  total domination.He was simply the best he made men of boys all because of one reason he never put players above the team. Bear learned from a great coach one Frank Thomas his college coach who  was 115 -24-7 in 15 years at Bama.But the greatest lesson of all I think he learned from mama and papa respect others and work harder than everyone else; and take that hat off boy  i dont care if yer wrassled a bear or not whan ya come in mamys house act like ya got CLASS.