WWE: Show Me Your Face

Ricky BhatiaContributor IDecember 25, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestlers Jack Swagger (top) and Primo compete during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There had been a lot of chagrin going around IWC for the past few years that the feuds couldn`t be more repetitive and product couldn`t be more stale(well,there is always some kind of furore going around).Some even regard 2009 as the worst year in wrestling TV broadcast history.Cries about seeing Orton,Cena,Edge and HHH and virtually nobody else hogging the title picture and the spotlight echoed all over.Man, our fangs have been deprived!!We need that injection of fresh blood.

WWE took its time to come to terms with us but very recently started some serious consideration in developing and pushing younger talent.Hell, i smell a lot of changes taking place.More gimmick matches(though we still are blood thirsty),more promos,shockers here and there and tag belts being given main-event matches.

Maybe, Vince is taking some time to quickly sneak through world of IWC and is giving a damn about it.This change of heart has something to do with shrinking TV ratings.

Talking about the change of heart,recent inclusion of one Bret Hart ,a counter attack to Hoagn`s acquisition by TNA ,brings me to promotion wars.WWE tried to one -up TNA by being the first to promote future stars.Nip the enemy in the bud,my friend.

I am all up for it, but somewhere in it i felt an issue needs to be addressed.I felt this problem sine Morrison`s face turn turned lacklustre.We see that heels outnumber the faces.The face who can be the face of E are somewhere missing.Ethically,a heel can be the face of a promotion but what i am looking for is a cheered ,held high by all somebody.

SHEAMUS-current WWE champ,the most lucky of the lot.Though people raise foul of him being an HHH "SUCK UP",he has perfect looks and power game to be a monster heel.But recently,the writers got confused.A cheap lucky win over Cena,backing off everytime plus Cuban shoving him off his feet,are we really looking at a monster??I personally don`t believe he can work a long wrestling match minus power moves.Still,we have a fresh face,heel as champion.

DREW McIntyre-a believed HBK suck up,has got the build, a dubious accent,a limited yet brawling intense style,a solid finisher,good promo skills,certainly one of my favourites to be a super heel.

JACK SWAGGER-one of the most technically sound mat-based grappler,the man for the purists,great mic skills from the beginning,over with crowd,got a rare lisp(always an added prop),can put anyone over, the guy looked like a main-eventer from the get-go.Till, some others got more attention of the writers.Still,i believe he got many years left and will go up soon.

JOHN MORRISON-talk of IWC with his face turn initially,a great high fly-er,can put a great match anyday,a wide move set but the failure of writers to book any significant feuds and promos got him bland and boring.Sometimes,it`s difficult being a good guy.WWE has high hopes on him and got him on covers of one magazine as well.

DOLPH ZIGGLER-cocky,brash heel,always garners quick heat,involved in an inspiring,elevating rivalry with Rey till Rey`s injury and there went his push down the drain.He needs to wait for his time ,a multi-time champion in the making,i reckon.

MIZ-has gathered enough steam by going 2-0 against Morrison,mic skills to please the IWC and plays with the crowd but still,limited and somewhat monotonous in the ring.

EVAN BOURNE-a great high flyer but at times we need people to job.He will remain a glorified jobber in the near future.

KOFI-Over as a face ,quick and exciting but i don`t believe can put a good heel any day.His lack of personality issue will continue to haunt,i believe(we saw that NASCAR scene,nothing else)

LEGACY-to be quick,Cody>Ted.

YOSHI-counting his days of glory(no i am not sick)

VANCE ARCHER-a heel again,though i like his gaze.

MVP-makes me vomit,but can hang around ,considerably okay in the ring and mic( a better heel)

BENJAMIN-no longer young.

HART DYNASTY-Promising,but need to stay together for now.

Only Morrison,Kofi and MVP  are faces there which leaves me unsatiated.

Morrison,seems the best option ,just give him better promos,longer feuds.If the WWE is so ready to hand the baton ,i say give him the Rumble and have him face Batista at WM.

Though stuck in tough times, Swagger can play a good face.He has all the essentials required to be the face(lisp may go in his favour,mind you).If he is turned soon,MITB is up for his taking.

Much has been rumored to break Legacy,something got to give.Sensibly,they need to turn Ted a face .He has the looks and  he needs to be cheered.Cody,on the other hand is a rapidly improving individual and he is a guy who i believe should be slowly build to main-event level in about two-years time.

Kofi ,now after a solid run with Orton,needs to run through a Few considerable feuds in the mid-card.

This calls my problem with the dearth of a young face to a halt.Maybe,the WWE starts to look for a a face who may fill that slot for feuds against considerably better heels.