Michaels Vs. Undertaker. With Bret Hart As The Referee?

Michael Wollin@MichaelWollinCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2009

Now if you have watched Raw tonight, Vince Mcmahon addressed the Bret hart situation and infact will be hosting Raw next week.

As everyone knows, Bret has signed a contract with the WWE and that contract will go until Wrestlemania.

Where am I going with this? As I am watching Raw where Vince was about to leave the ring and Shawn's music hits and comes down the ring to talk to Vince, Shawn starts to talk about rivalries that are bigger than the bussiness and as everyone thinks he is talking about Bret Hart and him he goes into the rivalry he has with the Undertaker and how he knows he can beat him and end his streak.

Then I begin to think what is the role Bret will play?

Here it is: The match between Michaels vs. Undertaker will be made and Bret will be the referee. How will that pan out though?

We could see another screw job where Bret screw Shawn, or it could be teased through the match. If Bret is granted the special referee role, it will play out with some heavy tension on t.v.

If you ask me, with Shawn and Bret on the same show it will make for some great t.v.