Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach Fired; Adam James Still Not Likely to Start

Henry BallSenior Analyst IDecember 29, 2009

Update: Suspended Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach—who filed a request for a temporary injunction in the 99th District Court of Lubbock County stating, in part, that he had not been afforded any process whatsoever to answer alleged charges—has been fired according to AP reports from the courtroom. 

Moreover, through his attorney, Ted Liggett—of Smith and Liggett—Leach made it clear that he had not been officially made aware of what rules he allegedly violated.

Included in his petition was a copy of the three-sentence notice of his suspension from the administration, which simply states that an allegation has been made by a student and his parents and Leach is immediately suspended of any and all duties as head football coach.

As details emerge, the initial story—that sounded something like the torture at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq—is beginning to look more like a minor disciplinary action taken by a coach that doesn't have the greatest friends in the Administrative Department at the University. 

For starters, the "shed" that Adam James—backup receiver and son of ESPN Analyst Craig James—was supposedly "secluded" in is pictured above.  It is large enough to park both of my trucks in.  It is also where the offensive lineman are known to retreat to when they want to get out of the sun.

Apparently, James showed up for practice—which he had been cleared for by the team doctor—wearing a pair of sunshades, which are not approved for practice, complaining that he was sensitive to the sunlight.

The other location that he was "secluded" in, which has been characterized as a broom or electrical closet, is in reality the media room used by opposing teams for their press conferences.

Others who have been "secluded" in this room include Mack Brown, Bob Stoops, Mike Gundy, and virtually any other coach that has visited Lubbock, along with the press that cover either team.

I'm sure some of those coaches consider it a torture chamber but not quite the medieval kind used to maim, dismember, and generally destroy the soul. 

In fact, he was provided an exercise bike and air conditioning to continue his training, so initial reports again seem to have been grossly exaggerated, if not completely inaccurate.

In his petition, Leach claimed that James’ father, Craig James, is retaliating against Leach due to his displeasure with his son’s—who is so far down the depth chart that he will likely never start—lack of playing time.

James has been characterized by some as a "little league dad" and ESPN has seemed slow to put forward the coach’s side of the story.

At the hearing that never actually took place Leach's attorney informed the mostly pro-Leach crowd of over 200 that the coach, affectionately called El Capitan by fans, has indeed been fired.

It may take some time yet for all the facts to emerge but it is clear that the initial reports were far from the whole story.

Nonetheless, Texas Tech fans are not happy, and as one writer said yesterday on Double T Nation, a Texas Tech blog, there is likely to be a mushroom cloud of epic proportions rising over Lubbock, and Gerald Myers, the AD that terminated Leach, might want to find the closest bunker. 

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