WWE Manual: Greg Bush's Idea of How to Run Raw Episode 7

GregCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestlers Randy Orton (L) and Shawn Michaels compete during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Friendships go through tough patches. They go through good times, bad times, sometimes they take a break. Sometimes the break is for good. Sometimes after a few knocks to the head they're back to normal. What road will the close friendship of Triple H and Shawn Michael's take?

(Raw starts and pyro goes off, as the WWE champ comes down the ramp.)

King: Swagger is coming out here? What does he want?

Swagger enters the ring with a mic, wearing a suit and smiling.

Swagger: Ah! Yes you people are starting the show with the man you came to see! Me, the All-American American and WWE Champion, Jack Swagger!

The crowd boos as Swagger takes it in with his All-American Smile.

Swagger: Back when our new GM first came here, he wouldn't let me get a shot at the US Title. He thought I wasn't worth a damn. Well look at me now Shane! Look at me now! I'm the WWE Champion! What do you ha...

The Franchise comes down to the ring and the crowd is screaming for the former NWA champion.

Franchise: Swagger... your still a piece of **** that doesn't deserve to shine Santino Marella's boots. So you got lucky with Cena. It happens. You have a real problem with your next contender.

Swagger: Yeah, Kofi. I know. That Jamaican Jackass doesn't deserve to...

Franchise: You idiot he isn't from Jamaica! He's Ghanaian.

Swagger: Whatever, he still isn't worth my time.

Franchise: Well Jack, he's worth the time of the WWE Universe, right?

The crowd screams for Kofi.

Franchise: And I think they deserve to start the show with that...

Swagger: What's that mean?

Kofi comes from behind through the crowd and hits a springboard bulldog on Swagger! Swagger's face lands on his title and his nose is bleeding. Kofi is awaiting a chance. He goes for the TIP, but Swagger rolls out the ring, holding his title.

King: Wow! A sneak attack formed by our GM and the #1 contender? I don't like Jack's chances.

Cole: Me neither, King. We take you now backstage with Todd Grisham.

Todd: Hello everyone. I'm here with the #1 contenders for the World Tag Team titles, the Naturals!

Chase: Thanks Todd.

Todd: Okay Chase and Andy, is there any plan for taking out Cryme Tyme at the next PPV?

AndY: No way, we dont' need a plan for those chumps! They're ghetto punks who are just keeping our titles warm!

Andy looks back to notice Chase's doo-rag is gone.

Andy: Chase man, where's your rag?

Chase: Huh?

He feels his head but can't find it.

Chase: Andy, where's your new watch!??

Andy: What the hell is...

Shad big boots Andy and JTG hits Chase with a flying leg lariat!

Cryme Tyme walks off with the Naturals belongings, singing their chant "Money Money, Yeah Yeah".


Gail Kim vs Mickie James: Women's Champion

Gail Kim comes down first and the crowd screams for her. Mickie comes down, but it seems they like Gail more. Mickie rolls in and the match begins. They hook up and Gail hits a double hook arm drag. She holds one arm and locks in a Fujiwa Armbar! Mickie is screaming but grabs the ropes.

Gail rols back over. SHe runs at Mickie but Mickie hits a jumping knee into the chin of Gail. She falls right over the ropes. Mickie springboards when Gail stands back up, the count at seven. Gail rolls out the way. Mickie lands on her feet, but Gail grabs her and drops her face down on her knees with a knee facebuster. Gail rolls Mickie back in. Gail goes up top.

Mickie stands up but Gail jumps off with a dropkick. Mickie rolls out the way. When Gail stands up, Mickie hits a rolling Neckbreaker. He picks her up. Mickie tries to throw Gail into the corner, but Gail reverses. He runs at her, but Mickie reverses into the Mickie Rana. She sets up for the Mickie-T, but Gail reverses and hits the Happy Ending! 1..2..Mickie kicks out.

Gail goes for the Christo, but Mickie reverses and goes for another Mickie-T. She hits it! 1..2..Gail grabs the ropes! Mickie pulls her out to the middle. She turns around and screams, getting ready for the Mick-Kick. She turns around, but Gail rolls up and puts Mickie in the Christo! Mickie is screaming but eventually passes out. Gail covers! 1..2..3! Gail Kim is the new Women's Champion!

Gail's celebration is short lived, as she is attacked by Maryse! Maryse stomps her out. She turns around and smiles at Mickie. She leaves as Mickie helps Gail up.


Charlie Haas talks about Evan Bourne, accompained by Miz

Haas, the US Champ, comes down to the ring. He is carrying his US Title.

Haas: Tonight, I have a tag team match. It will be me and the Miz, taking on Evan Bounre, my #1 contender, and a partner of his choosing. I am not going to make a plug right now. Evan, who is your partner?

Bourne comes out.

Evan: You want to know Haas? You really want to know who my partner is? That's fine. Because here he is!

"Weell!! Well it's the Big Show" Those six words bring fear into the eyes of Haas and Miz.

Big Show: Yes, the Giant is here to take out some trash. And since I have some pull with the Franchise, this is a sort of title match. If we win, Evan is the new US champ!

The match begins. Show starts off first, both of his opponents trying to take him out. He headbutt's Miz and boots Haas! He picks them both up and hits a double Chokeslam! He tags in Evan and piles both men on top of eachother. Evan hits the Air Bourne! 1..2..3! Evan is the new US Champion!

King: Wow... that's a little unfair isn't it?

Cole: Yeah, but he's been being cheated for so long. It's time haas got cheated.

Main Event Match: 6-Man Tag- John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton, Triple H, and Jack Swagger

Team Orton comes down looking serious. They all stare at their own opponents when they come down.

The match begins. Cena starts it off with HHH. HHH hits him with a right. A right by Cena, by Hunter, by Cena, Hunter hits a DDT.  He stomps out Cena. He picks him up and hits a knife chop. He runs off the ropes and hits a clothesline. He tags in Swagger. Swagger puts him in a cross-face. Cena rolls over and tries to get out, but Swagger knees Cena right in the ribs.

Swagger picks him up and hits a backdrop. Swagger taunts the "YOu can't see me" and hits a Swagger Knuckle Shuffle! He goes for a Swagger Bomb, but Cena falls out and tags Kofi. Swagger tags in Orton. Orton runs at Kofi, but he hits an SOS! 1..1 1/2 and he kicks out. He gets up top and kicks Orton with a high flying elevated dropkick.

Kofi is feeling it. He goes for the Boom Drop, but Orton rolls out the way. He pulls him over to the corner. He talks to the ref while Swagger is beating Kofi. HHH helps by hitting some kidney shots. Orton comes over and tags in HHH. He pulls Kofi out, Irish whips him and pulls him back with the Double-A Spinebuster! He tags in Swagger. Swagger brings him to the middle of the ring. He hits a backdrop Powebomb, but when he is slammed, Kofi kicks Swagger in the head.

Kofi and Swagger are both crawling to the corner. Swagger tags Orton. He pulls Kofi. He has Kofi by one leg, but he hits a enziguri. He tags in HBK. The showstopper starts cleaning house. He hits a neckbreaker on Orton. He hits Sweet Chin Music on Swagger, still trying to get through the ropes. HHH comes from behind, but doens't attack. He just stares at him. Kofi hits a springboard corkscrew body press on Swagger.

HBK and HHH duke it out, and Cena tries to come in, but he's RKO'd by Orton!. Orton is staring at HHH with an evil smile. He throws HBK into Orton, who tries to RKO him, but he pushes him off. He kicks both HHH and Orton! 1..2..3! HBK, Kofi, and Cena all celebrate as their counterparts back up the ramp.

Thishas been a Bushboy Inc. Production.


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