Earth to ESPN: Craig James Should Be Fired Immediately

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IDecember 30, 2009

Craig James is a coward, and ESPN needs to fire him immediately. Not only is he one of the worst announcers in college football, but he played a part in getting Texas Tech coach Mike Leach fired.

Not only that, but it just further proves how far ESPN has gone down the toilet and why most knowledgeable fans get their information from other sources.

I find the rationale that James used in his quotes that I have read absolutely ridiculous. His only real reasoning for even going to the administration at Texas Tech was because Leach refused to apologize over the supposedly poor treatment of his son, Adam, following a mild concussion.

Another issue I had with the articles I have read was the fact that there was this silly idea that two recent incidents played a role in the James saga: Leach banned Twitter after a player had called him out for being late and made a frustrating comment about "listening to fat girlfriends."

Guess what? They have nothing to do with each other! They're not even related to what James has supposedly accused Leach and his staff of doing. Henry Ball has a great article in response to what's going on at Texas Tech, which you can read here.

I think the saddest part though is the quotes from Leach. He said that James “was always calling and acting like a Little League dad.” What do you think of when the term "Little League Dad" comes up?

When I think about what it means, it's that a dad is trying to be involved in a situation that he has no business being in. In fact, the best way to get a handle on the situation would have been to talk to the coach privately about the situation instead of going above the coach like Craig James did.

But the icing on the cake is that Adam James' teammates thought of him as a "prima donna." I can see that James' father played in the NFL, and I'm sure he felt like he'd be treated differently because of that.

So basically because Leach was more of an outside the box kind of coach, Adam felt like it was best to go run and cry to daddy about what happened. Maybe it's the fact that Adam realized that with Leach as coach he would never see the field.

Who really knows? But when the Texas Tech players are standing behind their coach, that speaks volumes for Leach, and it's easy to tell that the players on Texas Tech did not care for Adam James, because if this truly had happened, which was nearly two weeks ago, wouldn't another player have said something about it to the administration at Texas Tech?

Here's what I hope happens: Leach files some lawsuits against Texas Tech and the James family. That also should lead up to the firing of James. 

In another story, Craig James was in San Antonio with the Texas Tech team while the team prepared for their bowl game. It's a wonder if the administration of Texas Tech just wanted Leach out.

Because of this, I believe Texas Tech didn't care about doing a thorough investigation of the situation and just wanted Leach out. If Texas Tech had done the investigation thoroughly, then James should have never been allowed near the team during this time.

The story isn't going to go away for a while, and I can see Leach getting a lot of money from Texas Tech once Leach sues, and I can see him taking the James family to court as well.