Week 17 NFL Power Rankings

William Del PilarContributor IDecember 31, 2009

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 25: Philip Rivers #17 of the San Diego Chargers drops back to pass against the Tennessee Titans on December 25, 2009 at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Rex Brown/Getty Images)
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What a Week 16! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Raheem Morris may have saved his job with his victory over the New Orleans Saints . I would still fire him, along with Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora.

The Seahawks, despite their record, make my worst NFL teams list this week, while the Vikings and Saints drop out of the top five, and deservedly so. I judge based on how they’re playing not their records!

Diatribe Note: The parenthesis after the team indicates last week’s rank; teams in the underachieving and worst tiers are from worst to best.

Top 5 NFL Teams

1. San Diego Chargers 12-3 (2)
2. Philadelphia Eagles 11-4 (3)
3. Indianapolis Colts 14-1 (1)
4. Pittsburgh Steelers (NR)
5a Green Bay Packers (NR)
5b Arizona Cardinals (NR)

Comments: I know some are wondering where the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints are. They would fall right below the Cardinals. The San Diego Chargers are playing the best football despite their flaws at not being able to generate a pass rush.

The Eagles just get it done and appear to be peaking at the right time. The Colts may not be playing for anything, but can anyone say they don’t belong in the top five? Their loss is on the shoulders of head coach Jim “Don’t rock the boat and do as you’re told” Caldwell and team president Bill Polian.

The Steelers, Packers , and Cardinals are new entries this week because they’re winning when they have to! In the end that’s the mark of a team that is capable of competing for a championship, winning when you have to!

Top 5 Underachieving NFL Teams

1. New York Giants 8-7 (NR)
2a Jacksonville Jaguars 7-8 (NR)
2b Tennessee Titans 7-8 (NR)
4a Atlanta Falcons 8-7 (1)
4b Chicago Bears 6-9 (2)
4c Miami Dolphins 7-8 (4)

Comments: The Giants were an embarrassment not just to themselves but their fans as they got blown out in the final game at Giants Stadium and with a playoff spot at stake!

The Jaguars were embarrassed by the Patriots, as well, with a potential playoff spot on the line. The Jaguars are too inconsistent to be playoff material. The Titans crashed back down to earth after the Chargers realized in order to beat them you must take quarterback Vince Young’s legs away and force him to throw.

The Falcons beat the Buffalo Bills so enough said on that.

The Bears, despite the huge win Monday night, putting them at 6-9, have underperformed this season.

The Dolphins, well, maybe they should resign themselves that this isn’t the year they win the close games. They consistently seem to come up short, which is a sign of an inexperienced team that doesn’t know how to win. We all expected more from them.

5 Worst NFL Teams

1. Seattle Seahawks 5-10 (NR)
2. St. Louis Rams 1-14 (1)
3. Detroit Lions 2-13 (2)
4. Kansas City Chiefs 3-12 (4)
5a Washington Redskins 4-11 (NR)
5b Buffalo Bills 5-10 (NR)

Comments: The Seattle Seahawks have talent, yet get blown out and can’t even remain competitive. I’ll say it again, head coach Jim Mora deserves to be canned and should never have been hired!

The Rams are the Rams; injuries and a lack of talent have doomed them as it has the Lions and Chiefs. Those three teams are bad, but injuries have made them even worse.

The Redskins and Bills, like the Seahawks, have mailed it in. To make it worse, both teams look like they care more about ending the season and getting in their U-Hauls and driving home! These are horrific teams!

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